Summer's End

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Could you ever forgive me for leaving you for so long? Okay, good.

I'm sure you are all wondering the reasoning behind my leaving. Well I have two words for you: Summer's End. I've dreaded saying it for the past month, but the day is finally upon us. School for my family is starting on Monday, which means no more staying up late designing your blog then redesigning it two days later (did any of you notice those little changes? probably not.) No more staying up until 1 and waking at 10. No more lazy days spent on pinterest and pastor's girl's ponderings (I legit spent a whole day just reading carlotta's old posts). No more days spent just writing forever and ever.

Apart from bracing myself for the dreaded starting of school, I've been extremely busy. I'll start from where I left off. On sunday after coming home from church, we watched the beginning of the fourth Harry Potter since my younger sister had just finished the book. The following hours of that afternoon were spent at the new family at church's house eating sandwiches and playing outside. Monday we were at our grandparents' house for most of the day. On tuesday we were at our grandparent's yet again while Jordan cleaned the gutters. The moment we returned home I practiced my flute before rushing off to my lesson. Moments after my lesson was finished we raced off to Kalona, where we had fiddle group practice. Then comes yesterday; Wednesday. The entire day was spent at the Iowa State Fair where we performed with our fiddle group and walked around far too much for our own good and laughed even more. Now I'm sure you understand why I never had a chance to post.

During my moment of posting shortage, however, I did manage to reach 245 followers and pull together a lovely new design. Actually, I had installed another one before this, with a normal non-sidebar header. I tried to force myself not to follow everyone else (now olivia, carlotta, and hannah have sidebar headers too), but in the end, I already loved them too much to go back. Hopefully you like it just as much as I do.

I Promise a real post soon.


  1. Haha, I feel the same way about sidebar headers, they're growing on me, but I don't want to be a "copycat" ;]


  2. Yes, how do you get rid of your header? (I'm trying to figure out how to do that, but I can't. :-/ )

    Gorgeous post! Do NOT worry about posting so often! -- we all know just how you feel, and pressure on posting isn't true blogging. :) Blog as you feel led to! :)

  3. love that picture, and your sidebar header is very pretty. I didn't even notice Olivia had one until you pointed it out. you must intensely follow their blogs to notice before she even posted about it. :] haha

  4. My mistake; a few comments accidentally got deleted. Here's what they said:
    Rachel: Beautiful post, simply stunning! <3

    Those raspberries look so delicious.

    Francesca: i noticed and love your new blog design!!

    Katie: Beautiful picture and new design! Mine was the same for a while, and I am thinking about going back. I love it as well(:

    Emily: I love the berry picture!!

    Faith: How do you do the sidebar header? They're really cute!!!! Please comment on my blog telling me how to do it if you want ;)


  5. @Kiley: Well, I noticed that she hadn't posted in a few days and since she got a new URL, her posts don't show up until a few hours after she posts them; so I went to check and noticed the new design yesterday. I do check HF, Aspire, and Pastor's gir's Ponderings every morning though; love those blogs.

  6. I'm also thinking that I'm wanting to do the sidebar header, if only just to simplify and streamline my look. I just dunno how to do it.

  7. Love the new design! I know how you feel about sidebar headers. Although I don't have one I am in the process of new design for someone who requested a sidebar header.

  8. I noticed the change, I like the header on the sidebar more too.

    Speaking of state fairs, we're going to ours this week. I've entered in two photographs and (*fingers crossed*) I'm hoping that I can win something. Also there's going to be a live concert with Tenth Avenue North & Francesca Battistelli, which makes me sooo excited! =)

  9. Yes everyone has got a sidebar header now-even me although mine is a little different. I love yours though. You're a pretty girl.

  10. sad face; summer really IS ending.
    oh well, we've got Fall to look forward to, am I right?

  11. Your blog looks so does this image. Beautiful job!

  12. Do you make your own buttons? How?


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