Last Day of Freedom

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today is officially my last day before school starts. I made my schedule (three hours of writing? oh yes) today and spent all of yesterday writing. This last day of "summer", so to speak, I have really been trying to focus on what is most important; what needs to get done and what can get done on occasion. Upon making my schedule I added less time for blogging and more time for bible, writing, and music. I have an hour scheduled for blogging, email, and facebook though, so you don't have to worry about post shortage.

This school year I have a few things which I very much would like to accomplish:

Number 1- improve my photography
Number 2- buy a new Nikon d3000 ($200? oh yes. $250 to go)
Number 3- write more (I know, as if I'm not already writing enough)
Number 4- improve my skills on the flute

Number 5- improve my design skills
Number 6- after I buy a camera; buy photoshop
Number 7- sell my first etsy item
Number 8- add more to my etsy shop

Number 9- read more
Number 10- more specifically; read the classics (not only fantasy, Megan!)
Number 11- write some more
Number 12- bake some cookies (with Kaylee)

Number 13- Spend some time with friends (of course)
Number 14- do my best at school
Number 15- practice drawing so I can be better at it
Number 16- finish every book I start even if I hate it

Number 17- keep a blog design for over a month
Number 18- take more pictures in the fall
Number 19- take more pictures in the winter
Number 20- organize my room

Number 21- become a better dancer (in Krista's class)
Number 22- make a pond and buy a duck (probably not going to happen...)
Number 23- make a real Harry Potter pin board in my room (did I mention I have 132 HP pins?)

Number 24- Improve my knitting skills
Number 25- Write. Oh wait, I already said that...twice.

What do you want to accomplish this school year?


  1. These all sound amazing! I scheduled blogging in this year too - I've been spending way too much time on the computer lately.
    Did you redesign again? I like it!

  2. sounds like a plan!
    some of those things sound like what i'm going to do!!!

  3. When you buy your new camera feel free to give your old one to me :)) Not kidding, here. And great post!! I'm doing some of the exact same things you have listed here! Especially write, though. I really need to write :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. awesome goals! :) make sure you look into the student discount when you buy ps! :)

  5. I love your bucket list! Oh my goodness, I have to admit: I pretty much want to do everything you want to do and more! :)

    Superb post! -- loved reading it. I giggled every time you said ''write,'' because, oh -- we know! you love to write.

  6. Love the pictures!!!!

    when are you announcing the winners of the giveaway?

  7. oh so many things...but i WILL read 16 books for my school reading, that's for sure.

  8. @Jocee: trust me, you do not want my camera. HaHa
    @Emily K.: soon!


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