just another saturday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

today i watched a couple of silly disney movies.
i scrolled through carlotta's posts just because i love her pictures.
i wrote a little. 
okay, a lot.
i went exploring in the field with my little sister and scratched up my legs.
i smiled.
i laughed.
i drew a bunch of random drawings for my sister to color.
i practiced my flute.
i watched abby's (follow god everyday) 11 minute video and laughed and smiled some more.
i failed to read although i promised myself i would.
i didn't capitalize a single 'i' in this whole post... you should be proud.
i break grammar rules.
just because.

saturdays are always somewhat the same.


  1. I like the adventuring through the field part! :P Fun!

    I held a baby today.♥

    That was about the coolest thing i did today.
    [notice i didn't capitalized my "i" haha]

  2. wait, I did have coffee, and americana. :) that is right up there with holding a month old bebe.. :)

  3. Lol, I did somewhat of the same thing in my Saturday post. Isn't breaking grammar rules just beast? ;) :P :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Interesting picture. ;) My Saturday was quite different...probably because we moved on Friday.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day!!! Great blog! :)



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