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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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okay, yes. I'm probably way too obsessed for my own good. but this camera is absolutely lovely.

along with my dreams about being homeless and j.k. rowling giving me cookies (yes, i did dream that) my real dreams have been filled with finally calling this camera my own.

a few days ago, my friends and I went to target which is the only place that keeps their cameras charged. I touched and used a beautiful nikon d3000. it was the best part of my day. well... it's tied with seeing winnie the pooh. and that's saying a lot.

the fact that my jar for a camera was started last year and I still only have $60 in it is extremely depressing. 
the fact that I have no job is no better.
and worse than any of the above is that no matter how much I dream about getting a nikon, no matter how much I believe that it's true; I always wake up and I'm still stuck with my tiny good for little kodak point and shoot.

maybe some day I'll get it, but as for now, I'll just post about it.

and I guess my kodak can suffice until I get $400 and I won't have to dream anymore.

"I thought you ought to know." -professor quirrel, harry potter movie 1 
that is all.

p.s. i actually managed to go just short of 3 weeks without changing the design. like the new one?


  1. I love this camera. to bits. ITs amazzing!
    btw, I LOVE the new style! I'm actually looking for someone who will help me re-do mine... :)

  2. @Rachel: I'm actually lowering my design site prices to $25 if you're interested.

  3. I wish I had a camera too. I mean, I've got this like *really* old point and shoot. My grandma bought it at a yard sale, used it for a couple of years...then passed it on to me. You can't even take pictures inside. =P But, thankfully - mom is letting me use her $100 one, so I'm happy.

    For awhile I really wanted d3000, especially since a ton of bloggers where getting them, and they took *really* good pictures. To be frank, I was jealous. I was saving up my money, which by the way I've been saving for YEARS, so I have like...a lot. Like almost 1,000 bucks a lot. I had quite enough money to buy a nice camera. But then, I suppose it was God, I thought, "In ten years, will this camera matter to be as much? Will this blog matter to me as much? I prayed and asked God if I should buy the camera, and He answered no. Cameras are a very good thing, don't get me wrong, but since I've already got a camera that works, I'm going to be thankful for it. Millions of people don't even own a camera.

    Okay, sorry for rambling. I guess my point is you might want to pray about getting a camera before you save up//buy for one. I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong, I'm just saying this because I care.

    This is your longest comment yet. I hope it will post. O__o

  4. aw, i know where you're at with the camera; it took me over a YEAR to get HALF the money i needed. i thought my dreams of having it for my birthday where gone & thought it was going to be the worst birthday EVAH. then, my amazing parents came though & got it for you never know... ;)

  5. I'm a new follower, and I love your blog!
    my friend has that camera and she loves it.

  6. ps: I love the new design! Funny how I was going to design mine the same way, and then I saw yours. If I do make something like it, please don't think I'm copying you. I got my idea from Hannah Nicole anyways. ;)

  7. lovely new design Megan :) It seems that the header-on-sidebar thing is really popular now!


  8. hey megan, maybe you could babysit for money. unless of course of you already do. kels

  9. @Kendra: I did (and do) think about that. The thing is that I want to major in writing and minor in photography when I go to college (not final yet, but more than likely). Blogging is a great way to practice my writing as well as photography. I get feed back which is always good, and it helps me improve and become better. I'm definitely not going to become a professional photographer with a KODAK point+shoot. no way. I think that with giving me state fair for my photography two years in a row, with my growing want to be the best photographer I can; I honestly think that God is saying yes to photography.

    @Sarah-Anne: I know... my birthday is in October and with Christmas to follow, I'm hoping that maybe I'll get the money by next year. But I doubt it will come from my parents. With 5 other kids that want half a million things, I honestly doubt my $500 camera is at the top of the list.

  10. @Kelsey: I have heard that babysitting pays really well... but I don't know anyone that needs kids babysat...

  11. I didn't know you take pictures with a point and shoot! You're amazing!
    I saw the Pooh movie too, it was awesome. I grew up with that little bear.

  12. Don't give up hope! It just takes time to save for it. I remember when I first started saving up for my D3000 and it seemed like an ETERNITY before I finally got it. But finally, back at the beginning of June, I purchased it. Just keep on saving up for it and you'll get there! I know exactly how you feel.

    Also, literally the only thing I did to get money (besides the Holidays) was babysitting. Let me tell you, if you find a couple families to babysit for and you babysit for them A will be raking in the bucks.

    Anothere thing I did was once I had about $430 saved up, I asked if I could have only money as an early birthday present and a bit early.

    Keep on saving, you can do it! It will be SO worth it in the end. The D3000 is an absolutely wonderful camera and I love mine so much!

  13. P.S. May I ask - how did you get the header on your sidebar? I have asked a couple other people how, but they haven't responded. :/

  14. Trust me, the more you babysit, the more you get payed. I suggest getting certified if you aren't already, then making fliers to hand out to people you know have kids at church or in your neighborhood. :)

    I made a TON of money off of baby-sitting when that was my main source of income. Then I got a job. xD But of course, you're not old enough to get a job, so babysitting is without a doubt the answer!

    I'm currently saving up for a really nice camera too. Well, actually I have to save up for a new computer first, but I almost have enough for that. Then I will be saving up for a camera.

    PS: Thank you for following my blog! :)

  15. Babysitting is a great way to make money. First of all I would suggest getting licensed, it helps allot. Then spread the word! Normally I make about $15 every time I babysit and trust me it adds up fast! I hope you can purchase your camera soon. :)

  16. Aw, I totally know the feeling! I babysit, but not regularly, so the money slowly adds up. A little too slowly for my liking. Hang in there though - you'll soon get your camera! =D Oh, and about the design - I believe this is my favorite design of yours. ever. I LOVE it! I'm loving the side headers... I might need to re-do my blog. ;)

    p.s. I have taken all-day classes for CPR, first-aid, and babysitting... that helped in getting babysitting jobs. =)

  17. p.p.s.

    I just looked back at the comments and realized lots of people are talking about babysitting - woops. Well I'm a lot of help, aren't I? =P

  18. @meagan, I'm not into like buying designs, I guess i really dont know how, and/or I just dont have the money @ the moment! :) haha but I'd love to otherwise!

  19. I understand that you'd like to work on your photography for college. But, you don't have to have an expensive camera to be an awesome photographer (you already are ;]) -- still, getting a good camera helps a lot. you've already got a good start, selling you blog designs. You might want to look up some ideas too online. Babysitting is hard to do sometimes, since I don't live in a neighborhood or anything- I don't think you do either. Also you could try doing odd jobs around the house. Like gardening, cleaning, fixing things, ect. Just some ideas.

  20. Oh, and on your FAQ page, it says, "In some states, the have homeschool classes for highschoolers to get credits." I think you meant "they" instead of "the". Just wanted to let you know, you don't have to publish this comment if you don't want to. ;)

    Oops, and I've left *way* too many comments on this post... 0__0


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