Like my melted slush.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

     I sit here, orange slush in hand. It's melted and it's now tasteless, but anything even relatively cold helps theses days. I'm trying to think of ideas for guest post topics (3 to write || total of 7 this month alone. People must think I'm really popular. that or someone found out my secret of never saying no). I've got a green tshirt on and a pair of rolled up jeans. I'm sitting on my bed, writing this post with one hand. It takes skill, but not much considering the fact that I do it all the time.

     I've got a floss bracelet at my side. One that I'm making for the friendship bracelet swap over at The Modern Marigold.

      I'm working on secret blogging adventures yet to be announced (don't you wish you knew). I've got characters on my mind. I finally finished profiles for the easy ones, I left the hard ones for last. All the old guys who are up at the top of most important character lists. And I thought the bad guys were hard.

      New cameras are flooding my mind. I keep having dreams that I finally got a Nikon d3000. Even bloggers are popping up in them. I really need to get a new camera. $400 isn't that much, is it? Okay... yeah, it definitely is. If only I was rich.

      And I kind of feel like my melted slush right now. Growing hot with the raging heat. Waiting for something to do.

with love,


  1. Hi Megan!
    I'm soo sorry I never answered the question you posted on my blog. I really haven't meant to push it off, but I'll skip the excuses of why I haven't and instead just answer the question:)

    I am the proud {blessed} owner of a canon 30d. I really was leaning towards Nikon but then I felt like God was pointing me towards the 30d, and I love it!

    So are you seriously thinking about upgrading?
    You would Love the options!

    Stay cool,

  2. Thanks so much, Megan for sponsoring me. I'll tell you when I'm having the giveaway. (You can vote on my blog to have a giveaway,

  3. I have a Nikon D7000. $1500. Yikes! I also have a D60 which was $600. Still yikes for me. It may seem like a lot of money, but seriously it's soooooo worth it!! I promise! You won't even think about the money or regret it once you get the camera in your hands! It helped me to get a fancy dancy lil decorated box and put spare change or a lil money here and there in. :) What do you have now?

  4. @The camera girl: Wow. That is a lot! I only have about $60. See, I don't have a job or anything and can't really get one... I tried esty, but that isn't really working out. I get maybe $1.40 per month. Not much to go off of. I need to find some ways to make some money. Seriously considering sending my writings to a magazine or something...

  5. Yea, I had the same problem till I started babysitting. What I meant was what kind of camera do you have now? hehe I'm not all money nosey like that ;) Etsy isn't working out for me either. :P hmph. I don't know how people get so lucky with that

  6. @That camera girl: Oh :) I have a Kodak EasyShare ZD710. 7.1 megapixels. Honestly, I'm surprised at how much I can actually get out of it.

  7. Is that what these photos in the post are from?? Wow, that's pretty good!

  8. Actually, these are from my sister's Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS. 14 megapixels. But the top ones of this page (down to the collage) + others are from the kodak.

  9. Those are still pretty good!! :)) Oh and hi, hello, I'm Kadee ;) haha. Terrible me - not introducing myself. tsk tsk. I just couldn't recall if I had done so before or not.


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