The Beach? I so wish I was there.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've seen beaches and lakes all over the blogging world lately. Actually, I've seen the all over my life lately. In books I've read, in things I'm writing, on blogger, while talking with friends. But sadly, I haven't been to one in 3+ years.

When I was younger, we used to live on the beach of Lake Michigan. We moved later, but for a long while we still lived in the same town as it. I remember endless days of shell hunting, eating ice cream while watching the sunset, and swimming in the lake. And frankly, I'd love to go back.

I just got done reading this book about a girl who lived right next to a beach. I really made my want to go back. The book was pretty much the dumbest book I've ever read; and was pretty much Arial and some sort of Barbie movie put together. Her mom was a mermaid and her father was a surfer. I don't even know why I got as far as the end. I'm pretty sure it's because the writer did a really good job of making me feel like I was at the beach, and I wanted more.

I've recently been trying to convince my parents to take a trip later this summer to Michigan. I want to hear the crashing waves, feel the burning sand, and smell the crisp clean air.

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I wish I could be there; on the beach. This very moment. I wish I could tell you how nice the water feels, or how wonderful the sunset looks, or how beautiful the sand feels. But for now, that's all I can do--Wish.


  1. i know how you feel! I need a beach too! i'm totally jealous of all the people traveling to the beach! :P

  2. i feel your pain. there's not really any nice beaches close by me. but on vacations, i take advantage! they're so gorgeous (photo ops!!)

  3. I know how you feel! We haven't been to a beach and a really long time (except once last year but that was only for about an hour and it was mostly rocks).

    Well, we can dream, can't we?

  4. I miss the beach too. We used to live right by it! Like ten minutes away. I hope you get a chance to visit one soon. ;)

  5. I know what you menam, I want to go to the beach too. :(

  6. I wish I lived on a beach! I hope you get to go :)

  7. nice! I've never been to the beach, as in the ocean, but we have an awesome lake neaarby that we call "the beach".

  8. I live 10 min away from the beach and it's so fun to go and hang out! Hope you can go soon!


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