Saturday, July 30, 2011

June has a light blue color. July is always green. August is golden yellow, sometimes even orange. Different months always have different colors. January is purely white; February a berry red. March is a light green, sometimes pink. April is daisy-middle yellow. May is a sort of blue-green-purple. September is an orange-y brown. October is brownish purple. November is a definite brown. And December is a sort of forest green.

Whenever the colors change, the blend together, creating a sort of beautiful picture. Sometimes the colors don't change until a few days into the month, sometimes before the new month even starts. I want to say that today was a sort of yellow color, but it was more of a murky blue. But then again, it was more of a mixture between the two. Something that happens rarely.

Colors for today

Right now, July is turning into August. These colors are always a little hard to be blended. We're going from green to almost orange. It's odd how different July is from August. July is a sort of laid back month, usually busy but with things that you are happy to be busy with.

August is the month where things begin to become busy. Where school begins and the pressure sets in. Things start pilling up. Schedules are made. Sleepovers and parties are limited. August is a sort of beginning of routine month. Sometimes it is one that is not enjoyable.

More than smells, sight, and weather, I think that the colors of months, days, and years are more about feelings. Yellow is a happy feeling color. White is a feeling of hidden loneliness. And green is very laid back.

I know this August will be bringing a lot of new things. But many old things will be brought back as well. I know school this year will be different. I've finally reached highschool (okay, i'm pretty excited). Things are going to be busy. But the odd thing is that during past July-August transitions, I've been ready for summer to be over. I've been ready to start school. But this year is quite different. Summer could keep going forever and I'd be okay with it. I think August's color could be different this year. I think my feelings have changed a bit. I think School, Routine, Schedules, they all look different to me now. But it's a good different. It's the kind of color that isn't definite until you stand back and see all the different colors of the days blended into one, to make a picture far more beautiful than any one color by it's self.

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  1. So you're synaesthetic, then? Me too ^^ All the days, months, numbers and letters have their colours, and smells and touch do too, for me at least. It's such a fun thing to have wrong with you :D

  2. @ Kim Wedlock: I guess just a bit. I've never actually heard of Synesthesia. :)

  3. Neither did I until I was sat in my English literature class. We were talking about a poet (I forget which one) who had colour-grapheme synaesthesia (coloured letters), and then I piped up and said "oh yeah, like A is red, blah blah" and then my entire class diagnosed me with it :D I never even knew that it was a disorder.


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