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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whenever I feel down; friends are amazing. First of all we went to the Sidewalk Prophets concert last night. They were amazing, as they always are. Of course I snapped a few pictures for you all.

Second of all--Kaylee is amazing. We spent maybe ten or fifteen minutes last night waiting outside in the car, talking about camp. It was just really amazing to tell someone about my experiences at camp and to hear theirs. So thanks Kaylee--you're a great friend. :)

This is where I get confused. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I mean a long time. I'm very subject to change--until I find something that I like very much so. And this is where my blog name comes in. I've been thinking about the name Me. {That's all I have to be}. It describes me pretty well, saying that all I have to be is myself. But think of how long it is to say Megan at Me. {that's all I have to be}. Or when someone asks, "What's the name of your blog." "Me. {That's all I have to be}". It's long and it's hard to say and I want something more. I've been searching for words that I want my blog to be about for the past few weeks. I found words that seemed to stick out to me, like beckon, whisper, and lighthouse. But none of them seemed to quite work. The closest thing that I came to liking was 'beckoning whispers' but even that wasn't quite right.

I had basically given up on changing me blog's name. Well--that is until I found one simple word. Borderless. It's so simple, yet so amazing. When I changed my name from laughter to Me. {That's all I have to be}, I changed it because Laughter wasn't something that was big in my life right then. Of course, I loved laughter and still do, it wasn't important enough to me to actually call my blog that. If people came to my blog and it was named laughter, they would probably be expecting something that would make them laugh, and although I do try (notice, try) to make you smile or laugh once in awhile, this blog is more than just laughter and jokes. And when I came up with the name Me. {That's all I have to be}, I thought it was perfect. At the time I had just realized that what everyone else looked like, what everyone else did didn't matter anymore. That it didn't matter who liked me and who didn't, all I had to be was myself. But that was a long time ago that I was still struggling with that.

After saying all that, what I'm tying to get at is all of my past names have been about what I had been going through, what I wanted my blog to reflect. With a name like Borderless, I think that no matter what I'm going through or what I post about, that name is going to fit it. It's short and simple and gets straight to the point. Let me explain.
We set borders for ourself. I myself hate having to set out of my comfort zone. It scares me half to death to have to do something uncomfortable. My borders are small and prevent me from following God's plan for me. But if I trust God, I truly won't have any borders. I'll be completely borderless with only him in sight. Following sometimes is hard, but with a borderless life I've made myself free to follow him, to do whatever he says and to stop telling myself that that's too far out of the borders. I seek to live a borderless life.
 I want to know your opinion, dear readers. I know that changing a blog name is definitely not something that you do with 200 followers. I know that. But right now, I think it's the perfect move. I think that it will remind me daily to live without borders. And maybe it will help you too.

So a simple request I have for you is to comment or vote on the poll (or both); let me know if you agree with me about the name change. It's definitely not something that I take lightly anymore. I want your honest opinion.



  1. The Sidewalk Prophets are an awesome band. =)

    I think you should change the name. I agree that it is a little long. Borderless is a great name, and I'd give you a thumbs up.

    By the way, I love the new design.

  2. boderless sounds great! go ahead! :)

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. DESIGN. So cool!! And I love the pictures. Great post, dearie!
    -Jocee <3

  4. Love it! I think it's a great name. =) You should definitely change it, if you're happy with it. =D

  5. I like the new name you are considering.

  6. great photos as always, megan!! i guess you did my little plea in the last post... ;)
    as for the name, I feel you. picking out a blog name that will GROW with you as you grow & thrive in life is HARD. but Borderless describes you & what you believe in so I think you should go for it!
    let us know what you think!

  7. Oh yeah, I'll still say it's a great name -- but I was thinking yesterday how your sister has the name "outside the lines". It's pretty close to "Borderless" in case you haven't noticed. I don't think it's a big deal, but some people might.

  8. @Kendra: Ture; it's the same concept, but the name's don't really sound similar at all. Her's is about being yourself and mine is about doing the impossible.


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