"Show Me Something Glorious"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Open your eyes // To see through the walls of doubt // Open your heart // To live beyond the shell that holds you down /// Show me something Glorious // Show me something Glorious // I'll show you the Maker of it all // Show me something beautiful // Show me something beautiful // I'll show you the One behind it all
--Something Glorious, Revive

If you just look around--beauty is all around you. In things as small as a wooden shed or a smiling face. Even the things that are ugly have hidden beauty if you just look close enough.



  1. Beautiful photos, Megan! I love the one of the tree :)

  2. What beautiful cats! :)

  3. Absolutely spectacular!! I love the fourth and fifth photos best. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. beautiful pictures Megan! that cat is way too cute! :)

  5. Love the pictures!:D
    Our cat Sophie look just like the cat in the first photo!

  6. Aww, the kittens are so cute! A cat turned up at our house a few weeks ago, and when we came back from camp, there were three baby kittens on our porch. They're adorable too. I'm getting around to posting pictures of them.

  7. ::sigh:: i love Revive...


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