Sew a Summer Scarf (tutorial)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

     In getting ready for camp, I wanted to have something that I could use to make my outfits more fun. So I decided to make a few scarves. I took some pictures along the way and decided to write a little tutorial for you!

1. Choose your fabric. You need only one color for each scraf. I'm going to be using the blue one.

2. Measure down how wide you would like your scarf to be. I'm doing 12". Take one of your scarves that you like the length on and measure it. If you don't already have a scarf, you can use a string and wrap it around you neck how you would like to wear your scarf when you are finished, then cut the string at the end and measure. Make your fabric's length as long as your scarf//string//however long you would like it.

3. Cut.

4. Iron the long sides down by 1/4". Then fold it back down at the edge of the raw edge, so that the raw edge in enclosed on the inside.

5. You can pin now, but it's not required. I didn't.

6. Now sew the edges down at 1/8"--be sure to backstitch//reverse at each end to ensure that they threads won't come out.

7. Trim your threads and iron down the hems.

8. You can do whatever you would like with the shorter ends. Here are some ideas: sew them together, just hem them like the other sides, add lace, fray them, add lace... I sewed mine together.

9. You can add anything else you would like, then wear! (or put in your suitcase to bring to camp with you--like me)

Here is what mine ended up looking like. I know, it doesn't match my shirt. :)
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 
     We'll be leaving this afternoon between 12:30 and 2:00. Oh my, am I ever excited. I stayed up kind of late last night getting ready little kid bible class supplies and finish packing clothes (which still isn't done), including making 6 notebooks. I have guest posters scheduled for tuesdays and fridays--so keep an eye out! Oh and you know how I was trying to finish all my design orders before I left for camp? Well...
Oh yes. Here are my past two fb status which will give you a good idea of what my day yesterday was like:
10+ designs in less than one week? Oh yes. 2 more to go & a couple of html fixes. Plus 6 or 7 still to install... All of which needs to be done today. And... my suitcase and I are leaving for camp tomorrow and I only have three things inside of it. Not to mention the fact that I had really wanted Maggie Blake finished by now. I really just have one question for myself: why on earth am I on facebook? 
I officially am not required to open up gimp for three weeks. What a wonderful thought! Don't get me wrong--I love designing, but I. am. so. tired. Remind me to never try to do 13 designs in less than a week. I thank you in advance. (Picture including remakes-which is a total of 5) 
So yes, I feel very refreshed now that I have all of the designs done that I need to have done before camp (just 2 more left). It's a wonderful feeling.

Well, I bid you farewell. Enjoy the guest posters and I'll see you back her on the 25th (lots of pictures coming).


p.s. I've turned comment moderation off--so don't say anything that I wouldn't approve of! :)


  1. wow! that`s a whole lot of designs! They`re all so beautiful though :) Hope you have a fun time at camp!

  2. Have fun at camp!!!
    Looking forward to seeing who your guest posters are!


  3. Great tutorial!! And I must say, my jaw dropped at the fact of doing that many takes me about a month just to do one!! Great job!!

    (I'll miss you! *tears*)

  4. I'll miss you lots! But I'm going camping this week without electricity too, so I hopefully won't miss you too much.

    That's a lot of designs! And thanks for the tutorial. Even if I don't sew a bunch. ;)

  5. Man alive, that's a lot of designs! You did an awesome job on them all considering you had 13! Wow.

    I hope you have fun at camp, can't wait to read the guest posts, and can't wait for your return! ^__^

  6. Well...have fun!!

    Thanks so much for doing my blog!! I love it!!


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