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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It happens often in my life. I'll be sitting on my bed randomly doing...well, nothing. And suddenly, the html  begins to change on my blog and gimp magically opens up and there I am--redesigning my blog. I know, I know, it happens often and I guess that's why I need to hurry up and get my design business set up so that instead of designing my own blog--I can do someone else's. Thankfully I just offered a design to a girl who returned to blogging just recently, so I've got something on my hands. I'm not entirely sure how much I like this design--so don't be surprised if it's changed again soon. 

I spent most of my day making a movie with my younger sisters (pictures&video soon) and that was most of my day. Designing and movie making. It was insanely fun though.

teach me to number my days // and count every moment before it slips away // take in all the colors before they fade to gray // I don't want to miss // even just a second more of this // it happens in a blink // it happens in a flash // it happens in the time it took to look back  --Blink, by Revive
Although today wasn't an overly protective day, it was one that I'll remember. I spent hours and hours laughing and making a movie with my sisters, which is something that I haven't done since last year. I used to finish my school everyday just so that I could go outside and play, and now, I let my school draw on and on until by the end of the day, I only just finished my last subject. It's even summer now and I haven't done barely anything outside with my younger sisters. I think it's time that that changed. I honestly don't think that I need to spend every hour on my blog. And honestly, now that Maggie Blake is finished (yes...I'm excited) I'm not rushing to get it done. Quite frankly, this summer, I plan to make it one of those that I don't regret, one of those that I look back and remember all the good times that I had--not remembering everyday that I wasted my time doing nothing.



  1. love the new design! :)

  2. Nice design!

    I got your comment, and I'd love to have you guest post. Just leave a comment on my blog with your email, or email me at rosedancer95@gmail.com and I'll fit you into the schedule.

  3. blog designing is so fun! I used to keep making new blogs just because the designing is the best part! :)
    those kittens are ADORABLE!!!


  4. Love the new design! And I understand about you wanting to spend more time with your sisters. Same here, since I have three.

  5. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    LOVE the new design!! You're really good, I really think you should get a design business, I would want something from you! ;)

  6. Your new design is very lovely, I really like it!

  7. the design is gorgeous, megan!! you are so talented. :)
    & that song?? is awesome.


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