how to fight writer's block (guest post by carlotta)

Friday, June 17, 2011

As you've probably noticed, this isn't Megan writing -- instead, it's me, Carlotta, posting in Megan's stead while she's off traipsing about camp.

It seems every time I post on a blog not my own, I come down with a case of writer's block, especially when the topic remains undefined. Even though this "new post" page is the same on every blog, save for the name scrolling across the top, it still feels completely foreign. And no matter how many times I guest post, that inkling of strangeness still remains.

But guest posting aside, every writer faces it -- that dreaded time when you lack creativity and words can't seem to form, leaving you with a blank page and frustrated. Here are a few tips that will (hopefully) enable you to banish writer's block and write word after word in its stead.

[one] turn up the music. My favorite music to accompany me as I write is The Civil War's Barton Hollow album (favorites: here, here, here, and here). I could listen to their music seven days a week, twenty four hours a day and never grow tired of it. Find the music that relaxes you the most and inspires you to write word after word after word.

[two] look at photographs. It doesn't matter if the photos are taken by you or not, but I often feel compelled to write while looking at images. A good photograph will automatically evoke a feeling or a thought. Block everything out and just study the picture and focus on how it makes you feel.

[three] find a quiet spot. I find it difficult to form anything coherent while being surrounded by chatter and other outside noise. Find a place where you can just sit with your writing, free from distractions. Whether your spot is an unoccupied bedroom or outside, finding a secluded place is essential.

[four] read. Find an author -- or even blogger -- whose writing style you enjoy, and just read. Take note of any word you've never heard before or like and identify why you like their writing. Then incorporate what you learned into your own style. 

[five] take a break. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it's hard to beat writer's block. So when all else fails, just stop. Take a walk, bake some cookies, take pictures, whatever it is that will allow you to renew inspiration and give your mind a break.

Pop quiz! You're typing away when suddenly everything creative leaves your body, leaving you unable to continue writing. What do you do?

...just kidding. ;)

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  1. Very nice guest post Carlotta! :)

  2. Lovely post, Carlotta! Those tips are very helpful for me who has tons of issues with writer's block. ;)

    I think I just fell in love with The Civil Wars.

  3. oh, this was perfect timing, Carlotta! i am guest posting for a friend later this month and all my creativity just decided to leave me in the dust, but these tips were just so helpful! thank you!


  4. Carlotta,

    I was very inspired by your post!
    Thanks for the tips on how to cure writer's block--he is such a hateful thing, who tries to steal all of the creativity from us bloggers, but hopefully, he won't succeed with much progress now. :)


  5. Great post!!

    And a question: Where oh where oh where did you get that shirt in the picture? I am in love with it!!

  6. i think i'm in love with this post! is that even possible?! because these are GREAT tips & suggestions, friend!!

  7. Qui: I got it at Old Navy :)

  8. AnonymousJune 18, 2011

    Love it, Carlotta! I definitely agree about music - it's amazing! And photos are definitely inspiring. :) Great job!

  9. Ah I am soooo glad you posted this! Sometimes when I guest post on blogs, I struggle a bit with coming up with a topic, details, etc. ^_^

    Great post!

  10. Fabulous. Just what I do too. :) I love your bio.

  11. Neat-o! Thanks for the tips- love your taste in music.


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