guys, summer's awesome. (a guest post by Abby @ Follow God)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is anybody else in love with with summer?

{this picture is kinda amazing, but unfortunately it ain't mine.  it's from that awesome place called pinterest.}

Even though it technically isn't summer until sometime around June 20th.


K, I love the winter.  And snow.

But summer?  20x better.

I mean, I love those days where you sit around a fire, drinking hot chocolate, all snuggled up in your zebra snuggie, and reading Harry Potter.


For some reason being out on the lake with the gorgeous Sawtooth mountains overhead, in your boat, sunglasses on, soaking up the sun, drinking ice-cold lemonade with an umbrella toothpick to make you fancy, and reading Harry Potter appeals to me a little more.


I have nothing against you  summer's-too-hot-winter's-awesome-cuz-I'm-depressing-and-like-the-freezing-cold-and-I-like-to-be-white-as-snow  kind of people.

(that's awesome too)

I just prefer summer.  =D


Family picnics, bbq-ing with friends, camping, hiking, rafting, swimming, water skiing, bare feet with painted toes, watermelon, boating, skateboarding, biking...
I love it all.

Oh and that simple little concept called NO SCHOOL.


Unfortunately, I can't say that.

I'm homeschooled, and we do school through the summer.
 (insert depressing music)
My parents feel it's better to do school through the summer so we don't forget what we learned.

(and so we can get caught up get ahead.  duh.)

But it's ok.  We'll take breaks to do all that awesome summer stuff.

Right now it's spring.


And where I live, in the spring 50 degrees is HOT, 60 degrees is swimming weather, we eat ice cream with snow still on the ground, and walk barefoot to get the mail in 3 feet deep snow.

(that last one was a bit unrealistic, actually)


You can imagine warm weather's kind of attractive right about now.
But not the right-when-you-walk-outside-your-hair-poofs-like-an-afro kinda warm like there I used to live.

So, what are your plans for this summer?

Plan on taking a cruise to Mexico (totally awesome), water skiing, hanging out with your friends at the mall, or tanning in your back yard eating ice cream till your whole body is pretty much made of it?


Let us know!

Thanks so much, Megan!
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 I'm Abby.  God is number one in my life.  My family's 
pretty cool too - I've got an older brother, two
younger sisters and two pretty amazing parents.
  I love to write and read, and camping with 
the fam is kinda awesome.  I hope you'll join me 
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convince myself that chocolate will, in fact, 
make you fat.  =P)

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  1. ohh, great post!
    Would you guest post for me?
    I LOVE summer, especially the fact that we have an awesome pool! :)

  2. Love the guest post, Abby! I was thinking, "Wow, this is a fun post, I'll have to check out the blogger's real blog!". Then I made it to the bottom and realized... wait a second, I already follow it! ;)

    Anyway, great post. Summer is so awesome! Though that kinda stinks that you do school through the summer... for the most part, even though my family homeschools, we don't do school during the summer. Despite the fact that yes, we forget stuff over the course of our break. ;)

  3. awesome post Abby! ♥

  4. I'm homeschooled and do schoolwork through the summer too.
    (insert depressing music)

    BUT...I'll be going away next month!
    (fade depressing music away, insert boogie dance)

    Hoorah on the watermelon and ice cream part! Cookies and creme = love.

    -sheean. (subscribed to your blog Abby!)


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