four things to do when you feel like doing nothing (a guest post by olivia)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello all, it's olivia @ horsefeathers. Megan asked me to guest post, but she didn't set a topic... so here I am, casting my line about and fishing for an idea.

It always feels very odd to post on someone else's blog, like searching through someone's laundry and wondering why in the world they would wear that top made entirely out of sequins, and why anyone would subject themselves to the pain and humiliation of wearing leggings as pants.


I thought it might be interesting to do a short post on doing nothing. Or, rather, doing something when you feel like doing nothing.

That doesn't make sense, does it?

You know those days when it's grey and bland, either too hot or too cold, and all your friends are busy? You've gone through all the blogs on your dashboard, check Facebook obsessively, and contemplated going for a run... but decided against it. You don't feel like playing a board game and you've beaten all the levels on Angry Birds. There's nothing good on TV, the library is closed, and you've seen all your DVDs a thousand times.

Studies have shown that being mentally active makes you a more intelligent person. So being blah on those sorts of days apparently will make you into a vegetable.

We don't want that, do we?

I didn't think so.

So instead of being vegetableish, here are four things I do when I need to entertain myself...

1. Mess up your room.
Notice I didn't say clean your room... though that is certainly a part of the process. No, I said mess up your room. Bored with the way it looks? The way its organizing? The color of the walls? Change it. Go on, change it. (I literally do this every time I get bored. Thus, me being bored is fairly dangerous.)
If your family is like mine, then you have a load of junk in your basement and attic. I can pretty much guarantee that some of that junk is furniture — so bring it down. It's crazy how much change can come of switching up your desk chair or dresser.
Don't have furniture replacements? Grab a can of paint, girls, and with a tap of your magic wand (ahem, paintbrush), transform your furniture to white! pink! turquoise! yellow!
Don't have paint? Find or make art and put it up. This will change the room completely — I put up a huge poster of a Scandinavian woodland scene and it made my room crazy colorful.
Adding a rug or two or three will do the same thing. I have two tribal rugs and three sheepskins on my floor. Ohyes.
my room after its most recent makeover.

2. Sew something crazy.
And — challenge time — wear it the next time you go out in public (if you're a blogger like me the chances of going out in public are slim, but shhh).
Seriously, there are tons of free patterns out there on the interwebs and fabric doesn't cost much. Make something interesting and crazy, something you'd see in Vogue.

3. Make dinner. Or lunch. Or dessert.
I have some recipes here and my friend Emily has lots here (all but three we made together so I can vouch for their deliciousness).
Another good place for recipes is — it's free, you don't need to sign up, and you can search by ingredient or keyword or meal or whatever. I get pretty much all my recipes from there.

4. Now, take a picture of it.
Food photography is loads of fun. Seriously, besides birds it's my #1 favorite subject for photos.

There! Now you have no danger of being a vegetable. You're welcome.

Olivia — grey eyes, brown hair, extravagant facial expressions. Fashion lover, photographer, writer, actress, and model — all at once. Traveling and big cities makes her happy. Vintage is better. Says YES to quests. High heels+jeans rule the world. Has difficulty shutting up. Prone to boredom and prone to disaster. xoxo 


  1. Thanks for the ideas, Olivia! I will definitely consider them next time I'm turing into a couch potato - excuse me - vegetable. :)


  2. LOVE <3 this post, olivia!! i'm saving this for a rainy day. :)

  3. Good ideas. I almost always 'mess up' my room when I'm bored! Or take a picture or two. *ahem* Maybe more than two...don't ever give me a camera. It's dangerous, I'll waste all the battery.

  4. CUTEEEE! LOVE this post! :D

  5. ohmigosh, bookmarking this for the next time i'm bored.

  6. what a fun post! Oh and food photography is definitely a lot of fun. =)

  7. This is fun! And it reminds me of Children of Bullerbyn by Astrid Lindgren, where the heroine, Lisa, is bored on a rainy day and her mother advises her first to bake something, then to paint an old table. :-) Two of your ideas covered there!


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