Oh my word. School is over!

Friday, May 13, 2011

This post had previously been posted on the 12th, but sine blogger deleted it, I'm reposting.

      Around the time that we were just beginning art class, I came to a very shocking realization:
Oh my word. after this class, I'll be done with school. It'll be over. I'll finally be free.
     When art class finally was over, Marissa and I went over to Krista, Kaylee, Whitney, and Becca's house, along with Melissa, for an end of the school year party.
     I don't think it's quite set in that school is actually over. I just can't believe it. No more school. No more worrying.

     I can finally write. I can finally finish Maggie Blake. I can finally read. I can finally dance around outside. I can finally post more often.

     I had a splendid first day off of school with my friends. We went to the mall and acted like complete fools, and told shop workers that, well, we're homeschooled.

     I feel like I have so much time on my hands. Those three books waiting for me on my shelf, are just ready to be tackled. Those remaining, some, twenty chapters of Maggie Blake, are just waiting to be rewritten.

      And my horrible plan bedroom that haunts my creative mind, well, that'll be taken care of too.

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  1. yayay so glad for ya! :)
    It did it to you too!?
    I got like 3-4 posts deleted!!!
    Do you kno why they do it?
    Delete it that is!
    Have a happy summer!


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