Lovely You :: Week 1 // Four Day Running Challenge

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We say we're going to start exercising today. We say today, I'll run. But in the end, when you turn out the light and close your eyes, what have you done? Nothing. And you can't change it.
      For awhile, I had this spinal problem where my spine would curve. We didn't know about it until about a year and a half ago, but before I started going to the chiropractor, I couldn't run. I had no idea that it had anything to do with the spine problem, but until about four of five months ago when my friends and I were running around, I had no idea how much fun running actually was. For that first part of my teenage life okay, so I guess it's actually pre-teen (almost 11-12), I couldn't really do sports (although I tried) and I couldn't run, because if I did, since everything in my back was pretty much messed up, it hurt my sides to run. All in all, I haven't really been very active (except for when I was a little kid).
     I've been telling myself ever since I got out of school for the summer that I was going to run each morning so that I could stay healthy and be active. I've done it once. Once. It felt good, truly, but I just don't really have any motivation at all. So, as part of the Lovely You series, we're going to be doing a four day running challenge. Interested?

Lovely You 4 day Running Challenge
Starting on the 29th of May, you run 1+ times that day. Record your time.
Do the same thing for 4 days. Remember to record your time.
Post about it, or not--you choose.
On June 1st--the final day--I will post asking each of you who participated how long you ran for during the 4 days.
Whoever ran the most gets a prize.
{note: this is on your own running--no sport or track practices count... sorry!}

     Yes, someone could cheat and not run at all and say that they ran for 4 hours. But that would be a lie and I encourage you not to do that, please. I want to make getting out there and exercising fun by setting a goal for you to reach. For you, it's a prize. For me, I've decided that before I can write or blog, I have to run. It will keep me going... I hope. 
     So get out there and prepare yourself for a run. Invite your blogging friends to join you and I on this lovely 4 day running challenge by displaying the button on your blog. Remember to have fun with it. And please, all that I ask is, don't run too much. I don't want to be the cause of your death. This is about getting something for your hard work. This is about having some sort of motivation to run, be active, and stay healthy. 


P.s. those who are joining--I'd love to know who you are! Please comment ;)



  1. Awesome! You caught me just in time. I was just about to postpone running...again.

    *heads off to the treadmill*

  2. awesome idea! i will for sure be trying it :) (i say trying because i tend to get super lazy) haha

  3. I will be doing this!! Really excited! :)

  4. Oh my!! I just told myself I'd run every day this week. Before I read the post...anyways, I will happily join! ;) I'm sort of a runner person anyways, if you know what I mean.

  5. Hey - that sounds like an awesome idea, Megan! I have been making myself stretch/drink LOTS of water daily; but running would be a great thing to do as well!

    I am loving this "Lovely You" series! It honestly could be turned into a documentary and/or book for teens/women. ^_^

  6. wow, you're inspiring me, megan!! i do believe i'm going to join you & the others! :)

  7. Alright. I'm in. :) Thank goodness our CA weather has been weird lately and it's not in the 100s.


  8. AnonymousMay 29, 2011

    Okay, just gotta say... that button is epic. "Dog Days Are Over" is an amazing song!

    Good luck with the challenge, Megan! :D


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