What happened to the sun?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Although the past couple of days have been cold, spring is still finding a way to break through. 

I also took a couple of pictures of my outfit today to share with you all. 
 I honestly just took the last thing that was clean out of my closet and threw it on. The blue scarf was a last second thought.

Jeans: Lei // Shirt: Not sure what brand it is // Scarf: Faded Glory // Shoes: Converse // Tank: Arizona Jeans Co.

We went on a field trip to the Iowa State University Library to learn about things from the civil war, so I wore some shoes that wouldn't rip my feet off by the end of the day.

Our house kind of caught fire earlier today... HaHa, just kidding. Out landlord sold the property that our house is on to the city, because they wanted to extend the water treatment plant or something like that... so now the city owns the big storage shed on our property and they are currently storing an old fire truck there. It's actually kind of fun to say "We have a fire truck at our house."

I woke up this morning to the sound of that beep, beep, beep of construction because they were moving these huge metal things or something... not quite sure what they were doing. Anyway, it's kind of weird to have random people in huge trucks around your house. ;)

And my favoritest blogger is having a giveaway!

Let's see where my feet take me today, shall we?

p.s. I was featured today on {My} Perspective.
Thank you to new followers that came here from Nicolasa's blog.


  1. Great pictures! Plu-ease don't turn into a fashion blogger. PLEASE. *cough* I mean, it's okay, *sometimes*.

  2. Love your outfit Megan! Haha, it's actually kinda fun to say "we have a firetruck at our house." Love you! =)

  3. Kendra: I honestly think that I should be able to post about whatever I'd like, but don't worry. I just posted my outfit today because I actually really liked it.

  4. I so enjoyed your interview and photos over at My Perspective!!!

  5. Great pictures and nice outfit! :) Haha, that's kinda weird with the whole firetruck thing.

  6. Great pics!!! I love your shoes. Soooo cute!!!

    In Christ

    Ps i agree you can post about what EVER you want!

  7. Wonderful pictures! & I totally l.o.v.e. your shoes. Chucks are the bestest. ever.

  8. love the converse, megan! i have a original pair, but look out, because i'm about to buy some crazy ones, haha!


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