Time to clean again

Monday, April 4, 2011

After of 3+ hours of hard work... 9 days later, I have to do it again. At least this time I didn't have to clean out my drawers, or under my bed (probably could have though. Just didn't want to take the time). It didn't take quite as long--only about 1.5 hours.
Yeah, it was a mess.

Yes, that's the whole Spiderwick Chronicles. I'm a proud owner borrower of all 5
(gotta love the library).
BEFORE. Let's just say... it was hard to get in/get out of bed.
AFFTER. Ahhh... clean desk. I'm going to try to force myself to write and do schoolwork here from now on.
No more procrastination on bed.
 Put my nice pink sandals at the end of my bed to remind myself of how much I want to wear them and that I need to find a dress/skirt to go with them.

Poured a cup of water and put a couple of old flower seeds in here last time I cleaned
I put my little froggy friends on my bed because they reminded me of spring. :)
I put this yellow ribbon at the end of my bed to remind myself that I can make everyday sunny with my attitude.
Now I can mark two things off my todo list: Cleaning off desk, and cleaning room.
One thing tackled. My next obstacle: Homework.
{By the way, check out my Book Review blog: Cover to Cover.}


  1. Yay! I know how good it feels to finally have a clean room. Over the summer, my room got SO messy you could hardly walk anywhere. I just never went in parts of my room because it was too messy! Haha. Then I finally decided (with a little persuading from my parents, *cough*) that I should clean it up. And now I am proud to say that it's been kept *mostly* clean ever since! It's so nice. Plus, it was kinda cool to see what my room looked like clean. I don't think I ever saw it when it was clean. =)

  2. oh wow. can you come to my room?! haha!! My room so needs this clean up. lol :)

  3. looks great! i just cleaned my room saturday. :) i was having trouble getting out of bed also(talk about allot of clothes). i like your new book review blog!

  4. awesome! It looks great! I also love your new blog!

  5. Wow, great job! Good luck with your homework, that's a whole other story! :)


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