Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I feel like I've just been hit by a whirlwind. I've been moving from place to place every second of the day. I feel like I've been drenched in exhaustion. Like if I don't lay down in the next five minutes I'll fall flat on my face. Like if I step back and look at my day, nothing is clear, it's all a blur.

I started out my joyful day by waking up at 7:20 and drawing the winner of my giveaway. An enormous smile spread across my face as I scrolled down the comments to discover that one of my bff's was the winner (I couldn't wait to call her). I then proceeded down stairs to find something to add to my outfit. I saw some extra fabric from what I had made my skirt from and quickly threw together a scarf. I was very pleased with the way the outfit turned out, and I just have to show you all.
New profile picture!

A pin I added for fun

Shirt: Kohls  // Tank: Dasnskin Now //  Skirt: handmade // Scarf: handmade // Shoes: Avon 
 I then finished school and homework, and designed 3 blogs and installed 1 design. That's not even mentioning the 2 designs I did last night at 10:00. I also went to the store with mom, practiced flute, did things with my younger sister (like maker her new blog), cleaned my room, and packed for school tomorrow morning.

I'm just glad this day is over. But it was a good one to live. A very good day to live.

p.s. Checked out my younger sister and mine's blog:



  1. Wow! Go Megan! At least you did something today... I didn't even bother getting dressed. :P I was kinda lazy today. Eh. Tomorrow will be a busy day though! So will Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I've got 3 tests to study for this weekend for Monday... fun... plus my mom is getting back Friday, my aunt is coming, and Easter is Sunday........ I'm sure you wanted to hear all that, right? =)

  2. I totally understand girl. I am so exhausted too and so tired.. just keep going!! Love the outfits! :) love you

  3. I can't believe your skirt and scarf are handmade! Super cute!(:

  4. I love that color blue on you, Megan. It really looks nice with the skirt and scarf too!

  5. Love that skirt! The color looks amazing on you.

  6. I love the colors!:D
    Do you like to sew?

  7. I like the skirt, Megan!

  8. Lovely outfit! It's so colourful, perfect for spring! Nice pictures! :)

  9. I'm tired too!!!!! Just visit my blog and you'll see why! I love your outfit by the way! Where did you get the skirt material?

  10. love the skirt and scarf!


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