299 Posts ago...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Hundred Ninety-Nine posts ago I was welcoming you to my sweet new blog: The Life of an 11 12 year old. (<--Sorry, I said 11. It was actually 12. I did have a blog before this called The Country Life of an 11 year old, though. And I have been blogging since I was 10.)
Hello, my Name is Megan. Due to the silliness of blogger I had to re-make my main blog because all of my followers weren't getting notified that I have posted. :( But This blog (hopefully) will be JUST as awesome as the past 2 main blogs I've had (Yes two). I'm glad that  you have come to my blog and read this post, I'd love it if you followed! :)
I have learned so very much since that first post. So much. I'm so grateful to have met all of you amazing blogging friends, and to have all 127 followers. I just want to thank you all.

In honor of 299 posts, I've redesigned this blog. I hope you all like it. {Be sure to check out the new button!}


I strive to encourage you all each day with my posts, and hopefully I have been.

I've learned that it's not the comments or the followers that count, it's the fact that I like blogging. Even if no one followed me, I'd still blog.

I've become a complete HTML geek since that first post, and I guess I'm kind of proud of myself. I love to design things. I love to create.

But more importantly, I'm thankful for this blog because it led me to writing. I discovered NaNoWriMo through this blog and that is what made me want to write.

I thank you all for making my life so much more special. Thanks for being there, through my 299 posts.


p.s. Next post is 300. Guess what that means? Giveaway! You guessed it. It will be awesome.


  1. The new layout is gorgeous!
    And you were 11?? Wow! That's young. Though, I had a myspace at that age, so what am I talking about. xD

  2. Yay! Congrats! I just hit 300 posts. It was pretty sweet. =)

  3. I can't believe that I totally forgot to tell you your new design is awesome. Like really, really awesome. Like, better than anything I could do in a gazillion years. =D

  4. I love the new design Megan! It's so...fresh!
    Just a question and a comment: Did you map the header online, or in GIMP. Also, the header has a blue border around it. Is that just my laptop?
    Much Love,
    P.S. I've been following for ages, but I've only just got to commenting-sorry! :)

  5. Cool! Congratulations Megan!

  6. I love your blog design! It is adorable. I love the yellows and browns together. :) Congrats on your 299th post!

  7. I can't wait until your 300th post!! And I LOVE your new design!! I wanna become an HTML geek!! I really do, the whole code thing just scares me...I'll figure it out in due time.
    -Jocee <3

  8. Qui: Yeah. 11. I actually started blogging when I was 10.
    Abby: Aw, thanks!
    Brittany-Amelia: Thanks! I mapped it with an html code. I think that's just your laptop. :)
    igirl & Emilie: Thanks!
    Jocee: Yes. It took me a long time to figure it all out. A very long time.

  9. Brittany-Amelia: Fixed the blue border problem, thanks for letting me know.

  10. I love the new design! And congrats on 300 posts.

  11. I love our blog! You keep me young!

  12. Oh, about the offer to do my blog design, thanks so much!! I think right now I'm good for my main blog. I've changed it so much that I think I just wanna stick with one and go with it... haha, but my craft blog really needs a make-over. I've been messing around with stuff, but I just can't get it right. Would you be willing to do that? You totally don't have to. But that would be really sweet if you did! =D Haha. Thanks again!


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