Vlog #3 :: Q&A

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So of you may have already seen this on my sister's blog, Outside the Lines, but for those who haven't... I present our 3rd Vlog!

Thank You to those who sent in questions, more will be answered next time.
Those who's question's we answered in this vlog:

Feel Free to send in more!
Writing Gala here:
Marissa's Interview @ Simply Samantha:
One last short note: 
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  1. I watched some of it! I accidentally clicked on a link and it had to load again so I didn't watch it all. Plus I have school...which I'm supposed to be doing right now. *coughs*

    Anyways, I have a couple of questions::

    1. Are those Sister in Time books behind you on that shelf? They kinda look like them...

    2. Can you talk in British accent?

    3. Can you talk a bit louder? It's kinda hard to hear you, especially Marissa sometimes.

    4. Can you introduce your family/siblings? It would be cool to see your little sisters! :)

    That's all I really have, that was great!

  2. Pull ups on the head?? Haha! Wow. That's great. :) Just the kind of family story I was looking for. ;)
    Thanks for posting a link to my blog, I appreciate it! Keep up the great vlogs!


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