One Word Wednesday

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Word Wednesday at Aspire I was very excited when Hannah announced that she was going to be starting a new photo linkup at aspire: 'One Word Wednesday'. What a neat idea! The word for today is Joyful :: Faces. With the great friends that I have, joyful faces is the normal when we are together. We're always laughing and smiling and just having a great time just being friends. So the photo I chose to day is one of my friend Melissa. This photo is from when I took her birthday pictures. We got come great photos, and this was one of the many times that she burst out into laughter.

Before I go off to write (well, plan actually) I thought that I'd let you all know that I DID decide to have the Spring Writing Gala. It will be hosted on my writing blog, WRITER FOR LIFE. I'd love it if any of you writers out there (or even if you generally don't write, but would like to try) would click on the button (to the left) and join the Gala. If you do join, be sure to follow, because you'll want to know when activities are going on and such. I'll be doing an introduction post (and video) tomorrow. THANK YOU to those who have already joined. I'm very excited about the Gala (and I hope you all are too). I'll be posting some writing updates here shortly, as well as the photography tips post that I promised.


  1. That's a great picture, Megan! I followed & I'll try and join the Gala too. :)

  2. I love this picture- it really fits the theme!

  3. Megan it looks like I'm stroking my invisible beard are an invisible beard i don't have a beard wait let me go check... ok no I definitely do not have a visible and or invisible beard. And I don't know way but I could not stop laughing that day, maybe it was the coffee? ;)


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