On April (aka, new design)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Upon coming to my blog just now, you were probably so confused as to where you were. And that's because of the new April design! April is only 9 days away, you know.

It was so funny yesterday because I acted like a total blog design geek and spent hours figuring out html tricks (I posted like 5 tutorials on my design blog, too). I was so excited about everything that I had learned that I knew that I just had to get my april design done early. But I had learned so much, and I had too many choices... I ended up doing a total of 5 april 2011 designs.

It was hard deciding on the overall design... should I do a floating header? Should I do a header that goes down to the sidebar? Should I do a divided template?

Then there was the color choice... Should I do pink? Should I do green? should I do grey-blue-green? should I do blue? Should I do blue, brown, and grey?

Then there was the decision on how many photos to use... Should I use just one? should I use 6? Should I have a picture of myself on the header? Should I use just 3 photos?

I finally decided upon the beautiful design that you seen on my blog right now. I'm simply in love with it. I'm sure that this is the best design I've ever done, and the one I spent the most time on too.

I learned so much about HTML and blog design last night and today that I'm my brain is totally fried. It's writing time now. I haven't done any writing since last night, now horrible.

Oh, don't forget to change the old button to the new one (found on the sidebar):



  1. LOVE the new design, Megan! You're so talented! I think the colors are perfect. They make me think of a blue sky behind a blooming redbud tree. :)

    Good job! Have a lovely week!

  2. I like it a lot!! Thanks for posting the tutorials, I doing some of the stuff one my blog ;)

    I can't believe it's already April... OhMyGosh!!!! It's going to get warm soon!

  3. Abigail: Thanks! I wanted the kind of 'blue sky' effect, and 'blooming redbud tree' is very nice too. :)

    iGirl: Thank you. I'm always happy to help.

  4. I love the new design! Someday - - I'll start another one for my (the one I have now is something I scrambled to put up there because my code got all messed up. ;)

  5. This is my favorite one here yet. You've inspired me to do make my own blog design. I love the colors! :)

  6. I love it! Great job..! So peaceful. You're good at making designs.

  7. Beautiful! I wish I had your talent.


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