It took 3 hours, but it's finally done.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So... I spent three hours cleaning my room today... yes. It took that long.
{sorry for the terrible quality of pictures... it was dark in my room this morning} 

So Yes, that was my big accomplishment today. Most of the stuff on the floor was writing things which is now neatly placed in the bottom drawer of my side of the nightstand... Yes, incase you didn't know, my sister and I share a room. 

I know some people don't like sharing a room, but I do, because it makes for a much interesting day :) (I just don't like sharing a room with my sister AND my brother where all three of us are squeezed into a tiny sunroom... yeah, that was the worst bedroom ever). 

My room is clean now, but none of my school is done. I guess I should get working on that...


  1. You just reminded me that I need to clean my room... and paint it, lol... I'm not sure if I would like sharing a room or not. I did for eight years, but that's when I was little and didn't care about anything. ;)

  2. Wow! Great job! It takes a lot of motivation for me to clean my room -_- haha I try to keep it clean. Have a wonderful week, blessings!
    Check out Positive Thinking Thursday on my blog!

  3. It looks much better! I also like your new background. ;)

  4. It looks awesome. I always feel weight has lifted off my shoulders when I do these things, myself. =o)

  5. That's a lot of cleaning! But I'm sure you're glad to know it's all done! Looks nice and tidy! :)

  6. great job! It looks great!!

  7. Awesome job! I hate cleaning my room. xD Surprisingly, my room is clean right now. I think I set a record for keeping it clean the longest! :P Your room looks great! Oh, and like Kendra said, I like your new background too. ;)


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