Be Yourself.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I've seen this going around the blogging world a lot lately... people will change the way their design looks, to look like an other popular blogger. They'll change the things they post about, to be like a popular blogger. They'll even change the things they wear and the way they do their makeup, to be like an other popular blogger. 
What does this mean?
 They are too afraid to be themselves because they are afraid of who they really are, and what people will think if they actually be themselves. Girls are battling with themselves to be pretty enough, to be liked enough, to be accepted by every single blogger out there. I'm sorry, but that is not humanly possible. You'll never get acceptance from every single person, there will always be those people who just don't really like you. But you know what? That's doesn't matter. None of it matters at all, because GOD accepts you, and always will.

Think of your favorite actor, singer, writer, or who ever you adore the most. Got it? No imagine them being your best friend and always doing everything with you. Wouldn't that be simply amazing? God is just like that person, and you don't have to imagine him being your best friend and always doing doing everything with you, because he already is and does. You don't have to seek acceptance from anyone else, because you are already accepted and loved by God. You don't need anyone else.
Staying yourself.
If you haven't noticed yet, new blogging fads are coming on.
I will admit one thing to you, I know nothing about fashion. I'm not even kidding. I just throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and I'm set. So, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be posting anything about Fashion on this blog. Nothing about my outfits, nothing about the adorable clothes that I found in my attic that belonged to my great-grandmother or something. Because Fashion just isn't me. If it's not you either, don't feel like you're being pressured to start posting about fashion, or that you need to dress like the other 'fashion' bloggers do. If you do know something about fashion, feel free to post about it, I have nothing against that. And if you want to take a fashion blogger's advice and get some new clothes, that's fine too. But, don't feel like you have to . Just be you.

You all probably already know this, but my sister and I will do a vlog every week/every couple weeks. And you also probably know that we are completely crazy. Many, many other bloggers have begun to do Vlogs as well. I seriously have nothing against vlogs, but I will say that you don't need to feel pressured to do a vlog if you don't feel comfortable talking in front of a camera. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to do a Vlog. Vlogs are not required, but they aren't against the rules either. It's your choice whether you'd like to do some vlogs or not, but you defiantly don't have to. Just Be You.
Yes, I am obsessed with writing.
May of you know this, but I am completely obsessed with writing and I post about it very, very often. I post about writing, because that's what I love. Others post about photography, because that's what they love. Other post about Fashion, because that's what they love. Other post about other things, because that's what they love. Just post about what you love, and nothing will ever go wrong. You don't ever have to change what you post about just because that's not what everyone else is posting about. You don't have to be pressured into doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with yourself, or feel like you have to change yourself to fit in. Just be yourself, and you'll be beautiful.


  1. Thank you so much for this Megan! I have been feeling the same way because I have seen so many fashion posts. I'm not a fashion person either.

    I love how you ARE yourself on your blog. It makes me feel closer to you because I don't have to guess your character. I try to do this as much as possible on my blog as well.

    Thanks again! I'm sure this will encourage many girls!

  2. That is really neat! I am drafting a post with a link to it now. :-)

  3. Great post Megan! I don't care really for fashion either, but so many people have been posting about this that they found, and that. I just don't care if they found some high heels for $2 somewhere.

    And Vlogs...I don't have a youtube account (I'm not even really allowed to be on it) and it takes forever to load them on blogger!

    So yeah, I guess I don't qualify for one of the popular blogs & all. But I'm glad to be who I am!

  4. That was a very nice post Megan, and you are totally right! I think that it happens to every one that blogs.

  5. This is like the best post you've ever written in your life Megan. Oh my goodness I love it! :D Totally right. I definitely agree with you.

  6. Yay! I love it when people understand this concept. Lol. If I started posting about something just because popular bloggers are, my posts would be bland and boring (or more than they already are). I don't like it when people aren't themselves. God created us all unique - why are we all trying to act the same? One of the beautiful things God did was make us all different. I think the reason a lot of bloggers get popular is because they were themselves. They didn't try to act like a lot of different bloggers (or most of them, anyway) and people saw that in them, conscious of it or not. We should be who we are, who God created us to be. =) I know I struggle with this occasionally, because, frankly, I really don't like myself. But I learned a couple years ago (and still learning, I must add) to accept the way that I am and just be myself. Anyways, sorry for that long comment! Just thought I'd get my thoughts out. =)


  7. Abby: Don't worry about long comments :) anyway, Thanks for the comment. I feel the same way! (I guess you already knew that from my post though... ;])

  8. You go girl!!! Keep it up because you really know how to put it too words. I REALLY dont like it when people are not themselves. It would be SOOOOO boring if we were all alike. God made us DIFFERENT for a reason.

    Sister In Christ

  9. PS it reminds me of the song "You Are More" by Tenth Avenue North
    Check it out. Its really good.

  10. Hosanna: Thanks :) I l-o-v-e that song!

  11. I agree: even though I'm not blogging right now, I've noticed the fashion thing especially. It annoys me when you really do like to do something, or you've been doing it all along, and it becomes a fad and people think you copied so-and-so when you didn't. Just felt like saying that. Great post, Megan!

  12. Megan, I just LOVE this post! So inspiring! I totally agree with the fashion bit; I personally love fashion, but the fact that nearly EVERYBODY is doing it has turned me off.
    I love this line: "None of it matters at all, because GOD accepts you, and always will." That is so true. I mean, God, GOD, the Creator. Of. The. Universe. is your best friend. Isn't that utterly amazing?!

    Thanks for giving me something sweet to read today!


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