What can I say? I love it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's pretty much just insanely awesome. 

My new MackBook Air arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon while I was at school and we finally opened and activated them (yes, we actually got three of them, one for me, one for jordan, and one for mom) around 7. 

It was basically one of the best days of my life. You have no idea what this means for me. I mean, I've wanted a laptop since I was little, at first it was to play games (wow, what a time waster), but as I got older I wanted it for blogging, then I realized how cool writing was (about one and a half/two years ago) and I really began to want one. 

Having my own computer means that I can now write whenever I have free time. It's simple amazing.

My friends {ahem, Marissa and Kaylee} laugh at me saying that I'll never get off and whenever they ask me to do something with them I'll say "No, I'm writing." and that soon I'll be stuck in a writing position and I'll start typing what I'm saying. I assured my sister (and friends) that I'd still do stuff with then (which I WILL).  I'm not going to let the computer take over my life, just help me on my way to writing greatness. 

Well, my break is over, so I've got to get back to school (Focus Megan!), but I'll be posting a vlog by my sister, Marissa, and I,  soon.


  1. Yay!! Macbooks are PURELY awesome. I use my gramma's and I am totally in love with it. It's insanly awesome. I couldnt of put it better.
    -Katie Krinkleberry

  2. AAAaaaaaah. Okay I'm jealous.
    HAVE FUN! Do somethin' awesome with it. :D


  3. Cool! I love macs, they are so incredible!

  4. Oh... how exciting, Megan!!! Enjoy! :)

  5. you are so lucky! i still use my mom's mac and don't get my own laptop until this summer. soo jealous;)

  6. Congrats Megan! I have an old laptop {it works though} that's all mine, and it's awesome! =D

  7. Nice laptop. I'm not allowed to have my own until I'm older. Grrrrr.
    Like 15.....


  8. I just found this blog a few days ago and I adore it!! You're so lucky you have a MacBook!! My dad owes me one. Yeah, owes. Sounds weird, but it's true ;) Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  9. Good choice!!!! How do you do your "watermark"? Like what whatermark program that works on your mac?

    Your sister in Christ

  10. I really think that your blog is fun. You are a very good blogger. I also think that you will go far with your writing because I think you are very entertaining. I Loved the video on the blog posting ''Hello Sun" it was very interesting.


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