Vlog: About Us!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night, my sister Marissa and I did a Vlog. Hope you enjoy! ;)

Some notes about the Vlog:
Wasn't it just awesome?! Don't you like how we knew before we even started that someone was going to come in? Yeah... 3 people.

Sorry that it was quiet in some parts!

Also, just to clarify, I said I don't like songs about Justin Bieber praying, normal songs about praying are awesome :)

And yes, we were eating ice cream.

Move Vlogs to come! :)



  1. That was cool, Megan! :) Vlogs really show people who you really are, I think. You both sound like awesome people! :) You guys made me laugh. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  2. "Hey, lookit the bubble!"
    Haha! Great vlog. Do it again soon! :)

  3. That was really funny! Good job!

  4. that was awesome!! Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. That was great! :-)

  6. That is GREAT!!!! I love inside jokes. And ice cream! I used to to so a homeschool school. And had such a fun time explaining it to people. NOT!!! Cant wait to see the next one!!!!

    Your Sister In Christ

    Ps you and your sister are soo pretty!

  7. (Are you blood thersty cause we have some cows in the back that need to be drained.) And don't judge me in just quoting you. :)


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