Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So today it's supposed to be like 54, and this entire week it's been in the upper 30's and the low 40's, and now I'm really wishing it was spring. This winter was actually a really great winter, only one HUGE snow storm, and it wasn't too terribly cold--so far anyway. On thursday it's supposed to be like 64, and I'm super excited. My sister Marissa said that if it gets up to 55 she's going to wear shorts. :)

Today I'm wearing my tie-dyed short sleeved shirt, jeans (which are rolled up to my knees), and of course, rainbow flip flops. 

Normally I wouldn't post Wednesday morning, but today class has a two hour delay because of fog (can I scream now?), and while most people would go back to bed for a few hours, I write. and blog.

If any of you have looked at my flickr recently, you've probably seen the pictures of flowers I've taken the past couple of days. Those are my mom's flowers (from dad) that I just couldn't not take pictures of :)

{HaHa, don't you just love the 'I'm pretty' right there? That's actually my one of my novels ;)}

So yes, may I say, I can't wait until spring!


  1. WOW! We must live pretty close to eachother because it's supposed to be like that here too. I'm not sure about the fog though. I haven't looked outside. :) If there was a 2 hour delay for us, (which mom probably wouldn't allow) I would write too.
    Like the pics,


  2. I can't wait for spring either! Those flower pictures are lovely.


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