The River

Monday, February 28, 2011

I look outside the window where the inviting sun and the rustling branches call out to me. They know I haven’t had a chance to get away for hours, days even. I put down my work, pull on my shoes, grab a jacket, and slip outside the front door. The warm rays of sun welcome me as I take a deep breath of fresh air. I begin to walk down the dusty hard beaten path to my favorite place in all of the world; the river.

I crawl under the break in the fence and glance back at my towering white home which keeps me prisoner from the untouched beauty and the new life of spring around me. The crisp breeze whispers by, rustling the tall golden grass. I hear the rushing river beyond and a surge of happiness spreads through me. A smile of utter joy appears upon my face as I begin to walk faster toward the river.
I reach the river and kick off my shoes. I sit on the hard ground at the edge and slip my feet into the cool water. I can almost taste the naturally pure water. Perfection surrounds me. I close my eyes and slip deep into thought, soon to be broken.
The sound of my mother’s calling shatters my thoughts. I open my eyes and realize that I have been here for over an hour. I pull my shoes back on and take one last look at the beautiful rushing water. Beams of light dance upon the surface as I murmur goodbye. I trudge back through the tall grass and back to my home. I stop and listen quietly. I can still faintly hear the flowing water. I slip back through the front door, back to my work, with the smallest glimmer of hope that I will soon return. 

{Originally, this was an assignment for writing class, and I decided to use it for a post. It's halfway made up, but it still has important meaning for me. The assignment was a descriptive essay, which resulted in me using the thesaurus every two words. I have decided that I like this sort of writing. Explaining things. Imagining things.}


  1. that was soo good! You're such an amazing writer! =)

  2. Great post! You are a really good writer, Megan! Wanna' take my rhetoric class? haha ;)

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  3. That was very well written Megan! I also enjoyed the pictures.


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