Meet my newest favorite blogger

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I posted about Bleah a while back, and not that I don't like her anymore, but I just met this girl, Tessa. I seriously think we are twins after reading her profile :) {Except for I dislike sports and she loves them, and I'm 13 and she's 16 ;)} 

Not only are her posts just simply ah-mazing, she is a super photographer. I think you all should go over and follow her, or your are not my friend (just kidding, but you really should follow her, she's amazing and I think you'll really like her!)

I love finding 'unknown' bloggers and spreading the word about them because they deserve tons of followers. She only has 25 followers... but if all of you went and followed her, she'd have 125+! How amazing would that be?! 

(I'm going to make a page for the blogs I love very soon! ;])



  1. I stopped by her blog and left a note.. I would follow it but I already follow way too many..

  2. I follow her! She has such a lovely blog. :)


  3. She has a great blog & awesome photography! But for the same reason as Emilie I just can't follow. =P I'm trying to unfollow a bunch actually now. I really want to know all about different people, but I'm spending too much time on the computer!

    I did leave her a note though. ;)

  4. I might follow! I'll check it out ;)


  5. Oh my goodness, Megan!!!! You are sooo sweet! :)
    I just had to write a blog post in reply to this! :D
    This means a lot to me.. :)

    In Christ,
    Tessa (:


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