Feather Love

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So I'm walking around outside just taking pictures (with my sister's camera ;]) and I'm like 'What in the world is this fuzz?!' so I look closer and see that it's some bird feathers! I seriously almost screamed for the amazing photo opportunity. Of course I felt bad for the poor bird that got it's feathers stuck in the fence, but who could pass up this?

Of course, I took some other pictures:

(Love the blue on this shovel!)

(Yeah, that string that I took a picture of a while back... it's still there.)

So, I'm sitting here with my friends Melissa and Whitney, and we a so bored. Like seriously. Melissa is doing homework and Whitney and I are sitting in front of the computer VERY tired because we got up at 6:00 this morning!

Even though I dislike taking pictures of myself very much, I realized yesterday that I needed some new pictures of myself for my blogs, so I took a couple (which you can see more of on my flikr). My favorite one is now on my header and profile.

OH! Guess what?! 
Guess who is getting one of these on Wednesday? Yep!! Me!!! 

I'm very excited because that means I get to write WAY more because I won't have to wait for Dad or Marissa or Jordan or Mom or Mallory to get off the computer. 

So yes, I'm very excited. I was also thinking... that I could do some vlogs, because those are super cool.



  1. How cool! Are you getting a Mac?

  2. Hi there Megan,

    Yeah, that's a really nice computer. I wanna get a laptop eventually. But, my dad said not until I'm like 15 or 16. :(

    But, for now, we have one we all share. There's one I want to get from Walmart. It's a purple mini.

    If I had my own laptop, I could certainly do way more writing than I have been.

    Btw, I emailed you the 1st and 2nd chapter of my book...


  3. Rosi: yes, that's a macbook air.

    Kelsey: Yeah, my parents finally figured out that one computer is NOT enough for everyone to do school AND my writing :)

  4. I love those pictures, Megan. The coloring in them (especially the blue and pink) is really beautiful and dramatic. I like it!


  5. That's so cool you're getting a laptop! Is it for your birthday or something?

  6. Yes you could do some vlogs. With. Me. That'd be cool. =] We'd be awesome.

  7. Storyfingers: Thanks!

    Kendra: Tax return ;)

    Marissa: YES!


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