A couple of things that I dislike very much

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I dislike it when I'm trying to write in my very best handwriting, in a moving car, and we keep on going over bumps.

I dislike it when the funny people leave and you don't have anyone to laugh at anymore.

I dislike it when I haven't brushed my teeth after I just ate something with large amounts of sugar in it.

I dislike it when I can't write.

I dislike it when I have to do school at the time when more than anything, I'd rather not be doing school.

I dislike it when the library doesn't have the book I really wanted.

I dislike it when things are too expensive and I can't buy it.

I dislike it when something is really cheap but I still can't buy it because I don't have any money.

I dislike it when three of my friends and my older sister tell some person that I barely even know that all four of them is me. And that four of me is texting that person. Who knows what kind of person they made me seem like... ? (okay, that was actually kind of funny)

I dislike it when my friends force me to eat when I don't really feel like eating ("Eat the mento Megan!").

I dislike it when you have a sudden urge to do something, but I can't do it, because I'm more than likely doing school.

I dislike it when...

Well, I'm out of things I dislike. :)

(I realized that I hadn't ever posted this extremely creepy picture I took of the moon a while ago... so I thought I'd just randomly post it)

{on a happier note. I just so happen to be very happy. I love writing.}

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  1. Interesting post. ;) I like the photos of the moon, they're very creepy like.


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