A Couple of things I love

Monday, February 14, 2011

Here is just a short list of things I love {non-romaticially of course (inside joke)}:

I love Britt Nicole's song Feel the Light.

I love Chris August's song 7x70.

I love writing.

I love my friends.

I love laughing in Wal-Mart because a guy just yelled 'WOW! That's a really low price!'.

I love laughing even harder because the people who just walked past were laughing too.

I love laughing at my older sister because she slipped on the ice (I'm sorry, it was funny!)

I love looking at first drafts and shaking my head in amazement at how far I've come in writing since then.

I love vlogs.

I love thinking about how cool it would be to star as the main character in my own book... then I realize that I wouldn't have the guts to do it. (okay, I might if I wrote it...)

I love notebook paper.

I love notebooks.

I love Chai tea in small polka-dotted mugs.

I love the Kalona Coffeehouse.

I love walking around in Kalona and realizing that I just took 300 pictures... on my sister's camera... oops.

I love my blog and all who follow.

I love skipping around Kalona and having egg-sellers laugh at my friend and I.

I love running around in the snow.

I love reading... while walking... in place.

I love smiles.

I love whipped cream.

I love that picture ^.

I love watching movies with Whitney in the coffee shop... with one pair of headphones.

I love having a pile of napkins because... the chai tea kind of spilled...

I love my sister Marissa, who is always there for me. No matter what.

I love Melissa, who makes me get the best ideas for books, just by asking a question.

I love Becca, because she's just plain awesome.

I love Kaylee, because she's always there for me, no matter how weird I can get.

I love Whitney, because she doesn't mind getting her boots soaking to come on a walk with me... in Kalona.

I love Krista, because she's always willing to read my books, and she's an awesome dance teacher, she makes it fun, no matter how tired I am, no matter how hungry, not matter how bad my head hurts.

I love singing at the top of my lungs.

I love Comp this week because we're writing fiction stories... how awesome.

I love laughing at myself because I don't stay up late reading fiction books, or doing school, I stay up late reading writing books.

I love writing.

I love writing.

And I love writing.
{^and I love that picture^}


  1. Megan you rock. I love your photography. Its amazing.
    And I love laughing at guys in wal-mart too. That was the funniest thing thats ever happened in Wal-mart, besides... you know.. the other thing =]
    Also, next time you slip, I'm gonna laugh at you. Okay? bye. Oh! BTW You should be thankful that I actually let you use my camera. Your welcome.

    Its time for the 10:00 hug. But your in bed... pooh.

    Love you.

    -Your older awesome amazing sister.

  2. I love writing too. (If you didn't already know that. Haha!)


  3. Hey Megan,

    Mind if I do a post like this?

    Just curious,


  4. I love:

    Your photos!


    My Scrabble mug. It's cute!

    My square (white) mug. So much fun drinking from the corner of a cup!


    Amusing post!

  5. LOL, I love this post! Just wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog! It really means a ton. (: I started following you too, and I'm really glad I found out about it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing. And photography. And reading. ...And writing. My family is annoyed by how much I'm writing. Haha. Anyways, thanks for stopping by!



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