Birds and Vintage

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm currently in love with birds and vintage. Birds are just plain extremely beautiful, and vintage is just... old and lovely.

I snapped some pictures of some Cardinals today.

 ^My new all time favorite photo!

It was amazing because I saw the Male and ran to get my camera and after I had snapped a few pictures, it flew away and then the Female came to the exact same spot!

I just discovered this amazing etsy shop called Jewel me pretty, and it's simply amazing! It's got this lovely vintage jewelry that is to die for!
Check out this beautiful locked! Oh I do love vintage jewelry. Beautiful!
I also just got flikr, which is pretty cool, and now I've got a little gadget on my sidebar and a place for you all to go and see some of my pictures that I don't post on here ;)



  1. Lovely pictures, Megan! :)


  2. Oh, *happy sigh*, those pictures are simply *gorgeous*!!! I love the red cardinal against the background and everything!

    The locket is very lovely, too. :)

    Great post!


  3. Great photos! That cardinal up against snow is really cool!


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