Winter Jam 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of you followers might remember last March when I posed about going to winter jam. Well, we went again this year! Only this time it was insanely cold, instead of last year when we went in March and we just wore sweatshirts. 

All of the artists were amazing! 

A total of ten people came along in our little group of friends this year:
and Me

Chris is totally the most awesome person in the world because he drove three crazy girls and jordan right after he got a root canal... so yeah, thumbs up to Chris! And Becca was pretty awesome because she drove Kaylee, Krista, Marissa, and I. 

Chris is also pretty cool because after we got into the building and tried to get feeling back into our toes, he walks over to this railing, and because we were standing over there, these two head girls come over to us and ask us if we'd like to volunteer to sign in VIP's and hand out T-shirts, of course we said yes. And we got to get in for free and we didn't have to wait in line. Plus it was pretty fun handing out t-shirts. :)

So yeah, winter jam 2011 was pretty awesome.

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Also, do you remember my Blog Design giveaway I had just a few days ago? Well, I just installed Emily's new design, so you should all go over and tell her what you think (It's like my best design ever)!




  1. I love her new blog look!

  2. I went to 09 winter jam, I only went to see Purenrg though!

  3. Sounds awesome! They're having a Winter Jam in Kentucky too, on February 4th, my birthday. ;) I think I'd rather go see the Dawn Treader though!

    The blog design is great!

  4. So nice you got to go to Winter Jam! :)They came to my city but I couldn't make because I was sick :( I imagine it must have been great! :)


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