*smiles* Pay it forward #2

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I did pay it forward a couple of months (<-- What was I thinking? A couple of months?), about a year ago. It was lots of fun, except for my gifts really stunk, like seriously... I like gave them flimsy bookmarks. Yeah. *shakes head* I was so weird back then... I'm not saying that I'm not weird now (as me and my friends say), I'm not weird weird, just weird, which is totally okay.

Anyway, Pay it Forward is going around again, and I entered Grace's Garden Walk's Pay if Forward, and with that, I've got to host my own Pay if Forward contest.

Here's how it works:
The first five commenters get a prize in the mail from me, and they have to host their own contest too!
(^5? the last time I did it it was only 2!)

Anyway... Here's a list of things that you could win from me:
One of my these pictures...

A pair of my earrings.

A free blog design item.

And a couple of winners will also get... A little preview of my book 'Maggie Blake', as an extra prize... just for fun.

So yeah... Comment with your name and e-mail and we'll see who the lucky 5 winners are!
Oh, and be ready to host your own contest too!



  1. OOH! pick ME as a lucky winner please!! gracie.drechsel@gmail.com

  2. Enter me please! I know what you mean about being weird. I look back at your posts and you seem so much more serious than you were! Like not so funny and stuff, in a good way.

    I've entered three of these so I'm gonna host my own one I make the prizes. :)

  3. Hi! I love your blog!!! I've actually done some contests but I've only had two participants...sad.

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