Just Smile :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All I want to do is smile. I got to be with my friends that I haven't seen in a while today because today was the first day of the second semester of class.

I have blue ink on my arm and hand form writing on them during class (*shhh!*) when I got ideas for my book, but didn't have anywhere else to write them.

I can still see my friend's smiling faces as we laughed over whitney saying 'what?' because apparently it was funny.

I can still remember how good it felt to introduce myself to new kids in class.

I can still remember how I laughed when I was the only one who didn't have to read in class and how I was the *special* one because my folder was orange.

I can still remember  how I decided it's not good to eat chocolate before learning lab, or any sugar in general.

I can still remember how my friends are so crazy--and I love them for it.

All of those things make me want to smile--no not want to--all of those things make me smile!

I love my friends. 
I can remember how my friends told me that my book ideas were really good and they couldn't wait to read more.

I can remember how my friend Krista told me that she was going to steal my book and publish it under her name--then I gave what I had printed (10 pages) so she could finish reading it.

I remember how I watched Prince Caspian because I wanted to look at the armor for my book, but then found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen--even though I've already seen it, and I forgot all about looking at armor.

I remember how The Call at the end of Prince Caspian became my favorite song after hearing in on Bleah's Blog, which made me want to watch prince caspian (to look at the armor), which made me like the song even more.

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Which reminds me that I should be writing so my friends won't hate me, and because I want to.

What makes you want to smile?


  1. Wow. Did I really put 8 of the same songs on that list?
    Silly me! :)


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