It starts Now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new year's dreams that I made a couple of weeks ago, don't start later, or tomorrow, or even next week, they start now.

I've really been putting my 'new year's dreams' off. I keep forgetting what I said I'd do. I keep forgetting that I really do want to make God first in my everyday life. I have such a long list that I keep forgetting what I said I do and how I said I'd do it.

That brings me to realize that I don't need a long list of actions, all I need is one word:
That's my one word of 2011. I've seen a couple of people doing one word, and when I looked into it, I realized one word was all I needed. 

I just need to focus on God, and focus on what I should be doing, not just what I want to do. 
1) God
2) Family and Friends
3) School {Yeah, get all that homework done before you do anything, Megan!}
4) Writing, art, music, photography, crafts,
5) Sleep
6) Blog 



  1. I really have to focus too :)

  2. I love your word. I think we all need focus in our lives, and you certainly have a great list of things to focus on.

  3. Great "one word" pick for this year, and I love the new design!

  4. Focus - that's a great word, Megan! Definitely something I need to work on as well. ^_^

  5. Focus is important... and a strong word... And I love your photo graphic...

    My word: FORWARD

  6. Megan,

    I awarded you on my blog. (Butterfly Dreams!)



  7. Dear Megan,
    I have a question.
    I really want to write a book, but I can't manage to stick with it. I have an idea that I really like, and I am starting to write it, but do you have any advice as to how I can stick with one storyline and finish it?

  8. great word, megan! and i love that you narrowed down the list of areas you want to focus on this year. (and i've gotta admit, i love that sleep made the list!)


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