Giving Him My All

Monday, January 31, 2011

I was listening to this song on Sunday night, I asked myself "Would I actually be willing to give up writing for God?" I mean, writing is what truly means the most to me, of course, music, photography, crafts, and art mean a lot to me too, but writing... Writing brings me the most joy, I'm pretty sure I love it the most.

So I'm laying there thinking... "Would I be able to give up writing for God?" Then I remember something from when I went to youth group with my friend once. The 'leader' guy was talking about how when you become a christian, you have to give everything up to God, and put him first above everything else. He said it was like a diving board, you can't dive into the water and decide to not get your pants wet, or your hair, you have to become completely covered in water, it's impossible not to. Just like that, you can't be a christian and not give everything up to God, it's impossible not to. So I say to God "You can have my writing." 

When I'm writing, I think I'm pretty much writing for myself, or the people I imagine might read it, but now, above anyone else, I'm writing for God. He goes first. So now, I'm giving him my all. In everything I do, I will strive to bring glory to God with it, and do it for him.

I can write for other people, but above anyone else I'm writing for God.

What is that one thing that you can't imagine ever giving up? Are you willing to give it to God? Will you give it all to him?

Any other writers out there, even if you just write on your blog. You can join me, and give your all to God.




  1. I was listening to that song the other day! I like to ask myself: Would I give God my life, everything?

    There isn't really one thing. ;)

  2. Great idea Megan!

  3. Amen. I write for God, because finding God is the theme of my story. He is my all in all.

    In Christ,

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  5. Beautiful, Megan!
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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