Giveaway (blog design)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

In honor of my 1 year blog anniversary (the 15th), my 95 followers (that's almost 100!), and my 252 posts, I'm hosting a giveaway!
Giveaway: January 13, 2011 - January 21, 2011 
The prize will be a Blog design (by yours truly). Since I'm not designing for people anymore, I can now offer my blog designs exclusively, which is pretty exciting. I plan to do at least one blog design giveaway every couple of months, whether it's on this blog, or on someone else's, so if you don't win this one--you'll probably get another chance! 

Here is a preview of what your design will look like (of course, your colors will be added, and not the ones there):

The winner will be chosen by me--not drawn. The reason for this is because I'd like to be doing a design for someone who deserves it/needs it, so, be sure to fill out the 'why should you win?' part of the form carefully. I will not play favorites, but I will decide who I think deserves the design. 

To enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below and click submit. Oh, and it would be nice if you followed, but it's not required. 

You can also put the button below on your sidebar/in your post, if you would like.

Also, if you enter, or have a question, please comment :)
Happy entering!


  1. I entered.

  2. Hey Megan,
    I wanted to put one of those expand collapse toggle menus on my blog, but I can't find a tutorial. I know that Olivia used to have one on her blog but she removed it. Do you know where I could get one? If not, could you post one please?


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