The Photos I never thought I'd post {Challenge}

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here it the Photography Challenge I promised!!

It's the 'The Photos I never thought I'd post' challenge. Are you daring enough to post some of those photos you never thought you'd post. All of the bad ones? 

Basically, you post some of the bad pictures you've taken this past month. It can be ones where you look like a dork, or ones that are blurry, or both! Post at least five pictures. 

The winner will be the person that posted the worst picture(s). The point of this challenge is to show people that all your pictures aren't perfect, and to see if you're brave enough to post the pictures you never thought you'd be posting. 

Here's a list of what to do:
1. Choose 5+ pictures that are either really weird or not very well taken.
2. Post them on your blog along with the button below.
3. Come back here and link up.
4. The winner will be announced next week--the worst picture/the most daring person.


Here are my five pictures:

Now, it's your turn to link up!

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  1. Haha! I'll enter soon..Oh. It ends in a week. *sad face* We're moving tomorrow! So I don't think I can enter. Mom's camera isn't working either.

    It's okay, I can look at the other entries! :D

  2. loved the idea for this contest!! I'll find my worst pictures to enter soon! :D hah really fun idea :)

  3. Hehe ;) This sounds like fun! I'll enter real soon and link up. :)



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