New Year's Dreams

Friday, December 31, 2010

If you read any of my posts, please, do me a favor and read this one. 
Dream: a cherished aspiration, ambition, or idea
Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something
I've Noticed that a lot of people have decided not to do resolutions, and instead, do their New Year's Dreams. I was already planning to do this, and I think it's nice that lots of other people are too. I think a dream, meaning the one you think up in your head--not the one you have while you're sleeping, is more meaningful and in the long run, more important then resolutions. But for New Year's, instead of just having those dreams, you're planning to put them into action. 

My New Year's Plans for changing Dreams into Actions {2011}

Instead of just saying I'm a Christian, I want to actually be a Christian. You can say that you're a Dog, you can dress up like a Dog, and you can talk like a Dog, but you aren't really a Dog. I can say I'm a Christian, I can act like a Christian, and I can talk like a Christian, but for 2011, I want to be a Christian.
How I'm going to do that? 
-Read the bible at least 5 minutes every day
-Pray when I need help, and also when I don't
-Start treating people better--you never know when they'll be gone
-Live life the way the bible says to--Not the way I want to. Give God Control.

I want to get all of my school done everyday instead of only most of it. I want to learn for God. I want to be ready to face whatever I might face in life, and with that, I need to have done all my school--not just some of it.
How I'm going to do that?
-Don't just say "I can do it later", do it now, whatever it is I want to do now, I can do later.
-Try the two minute rule: say I'll do it for two minutes, then two more, then two more, and eventually, I'll be done!
-Tell myself, I'm doing it for God. I'm Learning for Him.

I want to be better at playing the flute, I want to be able to play the high A's and B's and Ab's and G's, without having to try a couple times first. 
How I'm going to do that?
-Practice, Practice, Practice. Everyday, and don't put it off!
-Play for God.

I want to get my Novel, Maggie Blake, done. I want to finish editing and begin writing something else. I want to get my proof-copy from NaNoWriMo, so that I can bring it with me everywhere--not to show off to people, but so that I know I've written it. When I look at I book on a shelf somewhere, I can think to myself "I've done that" and walk away smiling.
How I'm going to do that?
-Instead of spending tons of time on my blog, spend time writing instead.
-Write during free time
-Write everyday
-Read more so I can know more
-Write for God.

I want to start spending more time with my Family. Instead of going and playing a game with them, I choose to stay on the computer and Blog and Design. I want to be in a better relationship with my family. I've gone as far to be a friend to my older sister--Couldn't I be a friend to everyone else too?
How I'm going to do that?
-Instead of staying on my blog and looking at people's blogs, go and play a game with them
-Spend time with each of my siblings (and parents too) everyday, doing something fun.
-Put them first instead of putting myself first

I've begun to really love art. Ever since I started taking art class, and ever more so when my parents gave me art supplies for christmas. I was to be a better artist.
How I'm going to do that?
-Work more on my homework for class
-Draw a little everyday
-Draw for God

I want to be better at sewing, beading, crocheting, and whatnot. I really love doing crafts, and I'd love to learn new skills.
How I'm going to do that?
-Work on projects everyday
-Practice and make things
-Open the Idgy crafts store with Melissa and Whitney at the coffee shop
-Do my best for God

{(I forgot one!)Photography:
I want to be a better photographer. I'm already improving that, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing now: 
-Take pictures every possible chance
-Mess with editing to see what looks cool (but don't over do it!)
-Mess with settings on the camera
-Possibly buy my own camera (?) (that's $150 I don't have...)

With all of my dreams that I'm planning to put into action, there are a few things that I want to stop doing too.

The Things I plan to stop doing {2011}

-I plan to stop blogging so much, It's taking up so much of my time! I really should be spending that time with God and with my family, and doing other, more productive things. I won't stop blogging completely, but one thing you can expect is less posts. I'll be post 3 posts max. every week.

-I plan to stop designing for other people. I've been behind on my designing for at least two months. The truth is, I just don't have the time. But I kept doing it because I wanted to help people. I feel sorry whenever I come to a blog with a plain design and a cluttered sidebar. So instead of doing everything for them, I plan to help them learn to do it themselves. I'll be posting at least one tutorial every week to help people learn to do it themselves, because I just don't have time to do it for them.

So that's it. I won't be blogging as much. I do love blogging very much, but blogging has become more of a have to, instead of a want to. I think 'I have to post to day', 'I have to take pictures for my blog', 'I have to write this in my next post'. Everything seems to be centered around my blog. I want everything to be centered around God.

If you've looked at my new design, particularly my new header you'll see 'The Creativity of Megan Madison' This blog is going to be part of my creativity. That's what I love the most, thats what I want to do. From Photography to designing, it's creativity. 

My new goal for this blog is to center it around my creativity. But more then that I want to 
Blog For God
I'll be pulling my faith and God into my posts more, because God really should be a bigger part of my life. He goes first.

My biggest plan for 2011 is
Create For God


  1. I want to do most of those too. Especially spiritual and writing.


  2. Very inspiring, Megan! Many of those are things I also need to do (mainly stop blogging so much and read my Bible every day, but also with the crafts and everything).

  3. those are awesome aspirations, megan! ^.^ i'm with kelsey! i want to the same thing with my relationship with God, and center my blog more around Him :)

    ps - could you email me the code for my button with the grab box? *sigh* i thought i was going to change my blog name and i deleted it...thanks!!! :)

    blessings always and forever,
    anna :)

  4. Wow, Megan. This is an inspiring post. I'm noticing that I struggle in some of the same areas, particularly writing, sprirituallity, spending time with my family, music and school!

    Also, I'm interesting in knowning more about NaNoWriMo! Could you leave a note on my blog and I'll give you a way to contact me?


  5. Wow, Megan- I kept finding myself nodding and saying, "Yes...yes, exactly!" ;) This is a wonderful post!
    Only 3 posts a week? Oh no! I'll miss your posts, but I admire you're letting God have His way. :)


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