New Design!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've posted 'New design' so many times, but I just couldn't resist!

Since I totally messed up my old design, I had two choices:
1. Re-do the old design
2. Do a new design
I couldn't help but do a new design! I wanted to do something a little less pinkish, because although it was a super cute design, I really just wasn't into the pink.

So this time, I went for a Red and Brown look, with a couple spots of Blue.

This design took me so long, but I'm proud of the way it looks!

I'm still going to be changing a few things: I'm still looking for a background, and I want to add the highlight to the author comments (does anyone know of a tutorial?), I still have to design my new button, and a couple of other things that want/need to do.

My next post will be chuck full of information on very important stuff, so please if you read any of my posts--read that one.

This design--In honor of New Years, and in honor of my New Dreams


  1. awwww. i like your ending sentence :)

    -anna :)

  2. Cute! Your going to have to tell me how you did the bordering around the sidebar and how you got the post title and date in the middle! xD

  3. There's a tutorial for highlighting author comments on A Blog to Brag About, I've tried to use it before but I keep messing it up.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love it! What did you do to mess it up anyway??? Looks great megs!


  5. Hayhay: I'll have to do a tutorial on that soon! :)

    iGirl: Thanks!

  6. Megan - could you do a tutorial on how to do that (the highlighting author thing) - I found a diy, but it didn't work. :) And also - how do you do those quote boxes? :D

  7. Bethany:Those will be my next two tutorials on Radiant, so keep an eye out! :)

  8. Hayhay: Check out the link on my sidebar under announcements!


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