My first attempts of Bokeh

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lots of people have been doing Bokeh effect on their christmas light pictures and I really wanted to try it out myself. It's really hard to do with a point and shoot camera... but you could say I got some 'okay' pictures. I plan to take more soon!

This one is my favorite :)

I find that it works best in the dark... not the light, but this one turned out 'okay'

This one's not very good, but because the camera moved a little, it made the lights look like 'M's, which stands for 'Me. {that's all I have to be}' and for 'Megan' :)

Does anyone have tips on how to get good Bokeh with a point and shoot camera?

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  1. beautiful! :) haha, way better than my bokeh would be! thanks again for my blog makeover! 'preciate it sooo much!

    -anna :)

  2. I was never able to get any good bokeh shots with my old point and shoot. The closest I came was like your last picture (which actually turned out pretty cool). Maybe you could try zooming in as far as you can.

  3. Those are great! I have a little thirty dollar camera that doesn't really work for bokeh. I use my mom's though, hers is like 100 bucks. But I mostly use mine. Anyways, those are awesome!

  4. That's awesome! :DDDDD better then anything I could do.
    I can't wait until I get a photography camera (for my birthday in January) so I can try this out tooOO! I like Bokah!


  5. I have a P&S camera and shoot bokeh quite often. It's kind of complicated to explain but here's how to do it really well. First you need to set your camera on manual and slow down the shutter speed and back far away from the thing you're shooting (like a Christmas tree) and focus your camera. Then take the picture! It works every time for me:)



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