A little Christmas Cheer

Friday, December 24, 2010

Isn't it funny how little thinks make you so happy? Such as, when you have a new design on your blog, you can't help but smile every time you look at it. Or when it's snowing on Christmas eve, It's so beautiful and you can't help but smile when you remember when you were a kid and all you hoped for was that one gift and snow for christmas. 

Or how when you are dipping pretzels in chocolate you remember how you've been doing it almost every year since you were 5.

Or how you smile when you remember that you got the first real snow last year on october 10th, instead of on November 30th like this year.

^2009 first small snow

^2010 First small snow

Or how it makes you smile when you dad is trying to play songs on the piano, and how he sings along with the christmas music in a silly voice. 

Or how you can't wait to see your Grandma's dog that she got a couple of weeks ago, that you still haven't seen, and you live in the same town. 

Or how you laugh when your older sister says "That food smells really good!" and your gamma says "That's my new perfume." And how you agree with with you sister, that the rolls, banana bread, and chex mix smells just like christmas.

Or how you can't wait to decorate cookies tonight, and you laugh when you think of how last year your older sister decorated one to look like Bill Cosby for the Cosby show. 

Or how you just can't help but smile when you realize that christmas is only 12 hours away.

Have a great christmas everyone! What reminds you of christmas?
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  1. :) Merry Christmas, girlie! :)

    I'm having a photography contest at my blog, check it out if you're interested. You have amazing photography.


  2. I love your new design... and I love these photos. Merry, merry Christmas!

  3. It's snowing here, too! I love it!

  4. those are AHMAZING pictures Megan!



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