"It's Christmas Eve, Eve!" {and, new blog design!}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First of all, You've probably noticed the new design. I was recently designing a blog for someone and this was a design I made for them, but they ended up doing a different design. I was totally in love with this one, so I decided to use it for my blog design! :)

Also, be sure to switch to my new blog button (on my accordion menu, under 'my blog button'):

Speaking of accordion menus, I just figured out how to do one thanks to Olivia @ robin blogs. Thanks Olivia! And you can all go and check it out now! :)

I had been doing a lot of test designing on my test blog to see what it all looked like together and was very surprised at how I liked the simple layout with no fancy font. I hope you all like it too! 
"It's Christmas Eve, Eve!" -Eloise 
I love Eloise's christmas! It's adorable, and that is one of my very favorite lines! And it is in fact, christmas eve, eve!

I'm very excited for christmas, not really for the presents, but for getting to see family and getting to see people open the presents that I got and made for them.

Have a great Christmas Eve, Eve. 

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  1. Awesome design!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve! :D


  2. loved the new layout!! soo cute! :) Merry Christmas!!

  3. I love Eloise!
    Merry Christmas Eve, Eve Megan! ;)


  4. yay for Christmas eve eve! :D

    cute new design by the wayyy :)

  5. Love it Megan! That toggle menu thing is cool too. And it wasn't that hard either!

  6. no I don't need that deign anymore.


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