Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decisions are very hard, and sometimes a little scary, but I made a couple today.

First of all, I've decided not to have my photography challenge. Not for a while anyways. I don't really have the time. But I might eventually decide to have it sometime next year.

Speaking of photography, I tried Bokeh again today. But it was in the daytime, so it didn't turn out that awesome, but I think it's pretty cool :)

Second, I opened a writing blog! I know that I already post a lot about writing here, but for my new writing blog, I'll be posting short updates, tips, and maybe even a couple of contests. 
Click the button and check it out:


I've got a TON of pictures stocked up for some upcoming posts, so keep an eye out for them! :)
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  1. :) pretty picture.

    I'm gonna go check out that blog -- and follow!



  2. cool, i'll have to visit your writing blog! :)

  3. cool, i'll have to visit your writing blog! :)

  4. Hey Megan! I'm hosting a photo challenge over at my blog! In case your interested here's the link:


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