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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've been blogging for longer then this blog has been up. I had 2 blogs before this, as some of you know, and through the years there has been lots of blogging fads. I thought it would make a fun post to talk about all the fads blogger has had while I've been blogging.

1. Lord of The Rings- When I first started blogging, everyone was obsessed with lord of the rings. I'm not kidding, their entire blog was focused around Lord of The Rings. I promise you, Me and only a hand full of people were the only ones who didn't have something lord of the rings on their blog. I didn't because I hadn't (and still haven't) seen the movies or read the books. Here is some proof:
 Look at that! 
        And that!
 And this too!

And There are still tons of more awards and tags and polls and headers and quizzes... it was crazy!

2. Awards and Tags- Awards and Tags used to be a huge thing. People were always making award and giving awards, doing tags and making up tags. You could hardly go by posting with out having an award to give out or a tag to do. I'm not saying that I didn't do these things too, but I wasn't very popular in the blogging world (I had like 8 followers) and no one gave me one very often. I'm sure you've seen all the many awards and tags that are still out there.

3. The Cutest Blog On the Block - The cutest blog on the block is a place where you can get free blog backgrounds and extras and stuff. EVERYONE used to have a background from this site. I'm not kidding EVERYONE. It was seriously crazy because you'd find a cute background there and add it to your blog, then ten seconds later you'd see the same background on someone else's blog! 

4. Three-Column Blog- EVERYONE used to have a three column blog, I'm not kidding, EVERYONE! Even me. Yes, I who hate three column blogs, once had one.
5. Blog Design- Then people started creating design blogs offering free backgrounds and such. People started designing their own things, at first nothing was all that great, then we all started to get the hang of it and, now, almost everyone knows how to design their own blog.

6. Photos- Then people stared to post photos to make their posts more interesting... and that's what you're seeing a lot on blogs these days!

Well, those are all the blogging fads I've been through. Who knows what will be next, maybe VIDEOS? The blogging fads going on right now are Blog Design & Photos. If you haven't got a great blog design or some pictures on your blog, you're doomed. Don't be afraid of participating in the blogging fads, everyone does, and it just makes it more fun, and you've got to if you want to get followers.

But, blogging isn't about the followers right? It's about how much you love it and how much fun it is. 

Let me know what you did during these fads, what one was going on when you started blogging, and if you've seen any other ones!

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  1. This was an interesting post! I think it was probably awards and tags . . . and the cutest blog on the block. :) I wonder what "fade" is next!

  2. When I started blogging, contests were REALLY popular!

  3. Hahaha you're SO right! I've been blogging for two years... and yeah. LOTR (which I haven't seen either *high fives*) was EVERYWHERE>.. people did awards and tags EVERY SINGLE STINKIN DAY! And now you don't see 'em much. And yeah... I remember the cutest blog on the block.... I used them for awhile. 3 column blogs... I just HAD to have one.. now I don't. LOL yeah... wow... alot's changed. I'm actually thinking of starting a vlog! :DDD

    I love how you say "almost" everyone can design their own blog. Haha... no me... OBVIOUSLY.


  4. Haha I was a LOTR fad, and i made plenty of awards (i think like seven) but they were all super focused on such. And i know how to design blogs, but i choose not to change my blog because i like was Awel did! Maybe in the future I will change it. but i have done some designs for some people now :P
    Its all good,
    ant blogging should merely be for your enjoyement. Not for fans.

    In Christ

  5. I wasn't around for any of these. A bunch of my followers and the ones I follow are gaming blogs. I need to redesign though.

  6. Ha ha, I have a three-column and I seriously don't like it (my sister has made me promise not to change my blog design until spring)... ;) And I assure you it will be two column. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I remember when the fad was Cutest Blog on the Block! You are so right, EVERYBODY had a background from there (I had severl myself)...but then came Shabby Blogs (which is now a fad for people who don't have a custom blog design). =)

  8. You are so right... when I started blogging (two years ago in February) those things were all so popular! And yes, I agree, those two are the main fads right now.

  9. Oh yes, I participated somehow in ALL of these. Still have the 3 column blog but am thinking about a change!


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