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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! With NaNoWriMo going on, it gets pretty hard. But I've finally got the chance to post. Here is a little list of what I've been doing:

Writing. Yeah, I know it's a no brainer... but I just thought I'd let you know that as of this morning I have 4,747 words. I'm supposed to have at least 5,000 today, so I'll be doing a little writing after I'm done with this post. I've been getting up at 6:00 am since Tuesday, which is actually pretty easy for me. I don't know if any of you want to read this or not... but (this is all I'm showing you) here is the first paragraph of my Novel, Maggie Blake.

Imagine you are sitting on a hill, overlooking a pond. It’s july, the warm breeze is joyfully blowing. Now, step back, instead of yourself sitting on the hill, it’s Maggie Blake. From behind, you would think she was just sitting there relaxing. If you look closer, you will see that she is drawing, expressing herself. The lines were moving across the page, as if they were flowing from her heart, straight out her fingertips. Maggie looked up. Beyond, the sun was setting, she had better get home, or be grounded for eternity. She gathered her things and stuffed them into her bag and left, just like that. {(c) Megan Madison}

Please let me know what you think.

Photography. I surprise myself at the fact that I've actually found time to take some pictures. I probably would have taken more, but the batteries are dead on our camera, and we are out! :( Here are a few of the only pictures I've taken since Halloween (did take a few more, but they weren't very good, they were all of this candle though).

Ah.... I can smell it now! :)

School. Yes, how could I not? School has surprisingly... been fun. Well, it's not that I'm saying I can't wait to do school, but I mean school is actually okay. Unlike when I was younger... I hated school, it was the worst part of my day. But now, I don't really mind doing it. It's actually pretty awesome.

I'm sorry to say, but this is now the end of the post... off to writing I go :)


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