I can't decide if I'm sane or not...

Monday, November 8, 2010

So, my friends Kaylee, Whitney, and Melissa came over yesterday because Marissa and Kaylee had to work on their biology project and Whitney and Melissa came over too. Our parents and the younger kids were over at our grandma's house, so we had the house all to ourselves (I know, bad idea).

It was crazy. I don't know what my problem was, I was laughing my head off (hey, the others were too, don't judge me, ;]), and saying super crazy stuff while trying to write my book while everyone else was laughing and talking too. 

I also helped Whitney understand the Ywp NaNoWriMo account and created a cover for her. It's amazing! 

I was also helping Kaylee think up a name for her blog (yes, it's going to be awesome having both of us on blogger, he he he), and since she wants to major and music and loves music, we came up with...

Is it not amazing?! They blog is still under construction, but you can still go and follow, because after the next time we get together it will be all set up and she'll start posting ;)

Then Melissa asked me to go to youth group with her, and I did since I got permission from my mom to stay up as late as it took to write my nanowrimo words... It was really fun, but afterwards we were totally going insane. I blamed it on having to use my imagination 3+ hours a day. 

Then I start to write my book and realize that I totally forgot to put what all of the main characters except for 1 look like... and since Melissa has the bestest imagination you'll ever find I call her to ask how she imagined the characters. 

So it's like 9:30 and I ask marissa if she thinks Melissa would still be up. And I decide to call her and her mom answers the phone...
"Hi! um... I was wondering if I could talk to Melissa," I ask
"Sure," says her mom.
"YES!" I say, very excited.

 She was so helpful.

Now.... I've still got to write 1667 words today. ;) Let's see if I can get it done before 12:30 unlike last night.


  1. I really should make a cover and that whatcha call it that tells the summary of the story(like on the back cover of a book)!!

  2. Good luck with your writing! :)


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